Miley Cyrus/Hanna – It Was Seven Years Ago… 2006 Pop Culture

miley cyrus/hannah 2006

Seven Years Ago, Hannah Montana Was On Her Way To Superstar Status

She’s Come A (Very) Long Way

Seven years ago, the Disney Channel was on to something. Actually – it was always on to something. Beginning as a pay outlet, they eventually went “free” – airing primarily older Disney content. During the early 1990′s, they dumped traditional programming such as “Vault Disney” and slowly began going after the “Tween” audience – that healthy/vibrant – not child, not quite full teenager. An audience with influence and – one that could be influenced. This required brand-spanking new programming – a kind of “tween” program development/star system, coupled with the famous in-house Disney marketing machine.

Miley Cyrus 2010 photo

“Lizzie McGuire” was its first superstar. Seven years ago, “Hannah” became their second. Hannah Montana debuted in March of 2006 – but by this time, Disney knew they had a superstar – one that was destined all things Disney – music, movies, concerts, merchandise. Born November 23, 1992 – Miley Cyrus was just 13 at the time – and little known. Her dad was famous for one super country hit – “Achy Breaky Heart” – and both did prior TV work. “Hannah” re-ignited dad’s career as well – he being “dad” – and a series regular.

The premise of “Hannah” was part Superman (disguise: a wig instead of glasses) and part, goofy sitcom. It worked – as tween audiences, their younger/older sisters, moms (brothers too) – made the series into the Disney Channel’s most popular to date.

miley cyrus blond hair photoLike Britany Spears – Miley turned into the first thing spoken on gossip shows and columns (and blogs). She was being watched like a hawk. Hard to believe it’s been seven years. Like Justin Bieber of late, she hasn’t made the best decisions and the Internet is a small world. She’s also changed her look several times.

Miley Cyrus has dodged most of it and today – Miley Cyrus is out with a new album and hit single – after taking a hiatus from music. She just may have adult staying power. And this year – she turns 21.


miley cyrus spiked hair photo 2013

Year 2006 In Video Timeline

NBC-TV & Ryan Seacrest Rolling Out New Trivia Show

Ryan Seacrest Thirty Second Quiz Trivia Photo

NBC & Seacrest Ready To Roll Out – “Million Second Quiz”

Not Your Father’s TV Trivia

Get ready for a new and different kind of trivia TV show – one that’s 1 million consecutive seconds and will air via TV  & the Internet. The show will contain lots of trivia – much of the same kind you find here on the Mr. Pop Video Timeline. The show is going for a younger audience, so – expect “trivia” to more pop and – more modern. TV, music, movies (you know those actors and actresses questions) – those kinds of things (who did what in this TV show?). Also, the show promises a kind of trivia twist – not your ordinary trivia type show – not yet known.

And the program – it’ll be carried over two mediums – regular NBC-TV and “continue” on the Internet – then back on NBC – you get the picture.  The show was first pitched last year and the exact format was worked out recently. It should be very entertaining. Duration – 12 straight days/one million seconds. So get ready – tune-up on your trivia.

Seacrest and his production company have been on a roll – and – this will be his first – real game-type show. He’s always wanted one – because – well, Dick Clark did the same thing.  They’re cheaper to produce and if you score – the product potential is amazing.

Look for it in September. Meantime – get yourself fine-tuned…

Pick a year and go or… random years:

Year 2008

Year 1995

Year 1988

Trivia – Remember Ryan Seacrest & This Girl? What Was Her Name?

ryan seacrest trivia photo shana girlfriend 2005


Trivia – Howard Stern’s Most Feared Day?

howard stern 1982 radio photo

After One Day – He’s Off The Air For Three Days

Today, you’d never know it. It’s been pretty well forgotten. Howard Stern has talked about in the past: out of his entire radio career – there was, once upon a time, an event that made Stern was so nervous that – well, he got sick – which probably worsened his condition. So much so –  he was off the air for three days. This, a day into the new job.  At the time, Howard Stern said he had some kind of virus/strep throat but – there is no such thing as coincidence.

Sick? You or I might be too.  According to, Stern biography,  “Private Parts,” when he got the call to WNBC –  Stern was beyond elated. This was it. A hometown station.  Back in 1982 – WNBC was doing OK in the ratings. Program Director Kevin Metheny put the station in a respectable position. Crosstown AM music rival WABC had just switched to talk – leaving WNBC as the sole contemporary music station on NY’s AM dial. Sure, it could use ratings help – who couldn’t? Stern was picked to do afternoon drive and off he went.

Howard remembered WNBC for DJ Don Imus, a personality with a new type of humor – biting. There wasn’t anyone quite like him anywhere in 1971, especially New York City. The only one who came close – was Bob Grant at talk station WMCA – someone else Stern (then ) admired. Imus was still there – doing mornings.

And, during the 1960’s,WNBC was a pioneering talk station – giving New York City its very first (two-way) talk format: host and callers. By 1982, WNBC was a personality music station – playing the hits of the day. And, it had the best AM signal in New York City.

Howard Stern’s first day on radio 66 was exciting. To be sure – it’s a very tamed Howard Stern – doing pace/format radio. It’s almost hard to imagine Howard Stern doing this kind of work. Pace… timing… sound… You can hear him rebelling by his second day. Later, when Stern got into WNBC trouble – breaking format was the chief reason  for his firing.  WNBC was as close to being a disc jockey – or having a DJ sound – that Stern ever got:  as mainstream as he ever sounded. WNBC was going for a mass audience – male/female 25-54. But wait, behind the scenes, Stern was not feeling well.

Howard Stern – First Day on WNBC – 1982/August 30

Second day – no Howard. Third day – no Howard. Fourth day – no Howard.

Howard’s back – his second day on the air at WNBC.

Howard Back On The Air – Missing Three Days 

Howard Stern counts down the top 660 songs (are you kidding?)

If you ever run into Howard Stern – ask him – what was his most feared day? And now you know – the rest of the story.

Click Here To View 1982 In Video Timeline.

howard stern 2013 photo

Movie History – Robert Downey Jr’s Incredible Comeback

robert downey jr photo 1985

Downey  Was Once “Written Off” As Someone Who Couldn’t Control His Personal Cocaine Demons

Robert Downey Jr. came to the mainstream public conscious during the 1980′s in such movies as, “Weird Science” and  ”Chances Are.” A versatile actor, Downey was known as much for his TV work, including a run on, “Saturday Night Live” during the mid-1980′s and later, “Ally McBeal” among other TV projects. He seemed to have a likable quality with audiences and critics usually favored his movie work.

Weird Science From 1985

Downey in fact, has been nominated for several Emmy and Academy Awards. He’s also a singer/songwriter having released an album in 2004 titled, “The Futurist” and is  a Golden  Globe winner.

Robert Downey Jr. hit bottom after 1996 with arrest after arrest – all due to a cocaine habit he couldn’t break. Jailed, and almost given time for prison, Downey hit rock-bottom when he was fired from “Ally McBeal” in 1997 and subsequent arrests and just plain poor judgement. He was rarely out of the news during this period and most believed – it was the end for Downey. Not a bad singer, here’s Downey during his cocaine years, singing on “Ally McBeal” – in key, with Sting’s “Every Breath You Take”

Downey Sings on “Ally McBeal” In 1996

Robert Downey Jr’s real comeback movie – was 2008′s “Iron Man” – his first career blockbuster/mega movie. It was then – as Hollywood bloggers, writers and Downey fans will tell you – that the actor was back – and bigger than ever. It was great news – especially after seeing him self-destruct and just doing, plain, stupid things. From there – his career took-off as never before. Critics and fans alike gave the movies  a thumps-up. Could it happen again? Did he need another Iron Man? Interestingly – everyone knew there would be another (begin franchise) – but before that follow-up – Downey starred in 2009′s “Sherlock Holmes” – and proved he was on a genuine career roll (or role).

Robert Downey Jr. Arrives With year 2009′s “Sherlock Holmes”

“Iron Man 2″ quickly followed in 2010. Then in 2012, something quite interesting happened. A franchise within a franchise – as Robert Downey Jr. became an Avenger (The Avengers), under his Ironman character and it too, became blockbuster. Following year in 2013 – “Iron Man 3″ is out – yes, another blockbuster and – this is actually given good reviews by fans and critics. “The Avengers 2″ is being planned for 2015.

No one has ever achieved such rapid, quick success with two sets of franchises (one a subset of the other) and, so quickly. Downey just signed a huge movie deal with “Avengers” producers. And that’s great news.

Robert Downey Jr. was born on August 4, 1965. Click Here To Find Out What The World Was Like Then.  

robert downey jr in 2013 photo

Ford’s The Edsel… Auto Maker’s Biggest Bomb…

mrpopculture 1957 timeline ford edsel debuts ad auto historyBack to 1957 we go… A fascinating time in pop culture history. Our timeline takes a look at September of that month – from the first week:

The TV ad business was up 20% from a year prior! That’s amazing news in any business (vertical) category (as we say today). Here’s what it says: The FCC reports that the television industry has revenues from broadcasting operations in  1956 of $896,900,000, up 20.4% from 1955…

Alan Freed and Dick Clark were the talk of music television – as each had their own ABC-TV shows.

The first pay-cable TV movie is “broadcast.”

Saturday Morning Kid’s TV Looked Like This:

CBS – On the Carousel, Captain Kangaroo, Mighty Mouse Playhouse, Susan’s Show, It’s a  Hit! The Big Top, The Lone Ranger

NBC – Children’s Theatre, Howdy Doody, The Gumby Show, Fury, Captain Gallant

And, that first week of September, 1957- Ford debuts – The Edsel. It’s a car that turned out to be the biggest bomb of all time. Two years later – Ford announced it was suspending production of the low-selling automobile. It had miscalculated.


TV Trivia – Fascinating Facts – New York TV Station Transmitting Real Police Lineups…

Fascinating Facts – TV Trivia – Real Police Lineups Featured On NY TV Station…


Back we go to 1962… TV station WUHF-TV (channel 31) and the NYPD had a great idea – transmit police line-ups on the station – then, set up remote receivers in various locations throughout New York City  - so the line-up could be viewed remotely.

Real criminals on TV. Yes, the “broadcasts” were scrambled at the time – another novelty – but – the idea was way ahead of its time. Apparently the idea was to make it easier for folks to identify “criminals”  - and thus, get better results. Here’s the article – just click to read:




NBC Saturday Night History & Trivia – Pop Culture/TV History

In Late 1975 – There Were Two Shows And A Hit Pop Single Called, “Saturday Night” 

We Loved Our Saturday Nights Back In 1975

 1975 Howard Cosell TV trivia abc-tv bay city rollers music historyNBC-TV’s “Saturday Night Live” debuted in October of 1975. Originally, it was suppose to air Saturdays (after) the first week of each month.  The original title of the show was simply, “Saturday Night” because – ABC-TV had just debuted “Saturday Night Live” with Howard Cosell – a week prior.

The Cosell show ran earlier in prime time and was the sports announcer’s shot at becoming a mainstream talkshow host. He’d been associated with ABC Sports and Monday Night Football – and somehow, convinced ABC – he should get a shot. He did. The debut “Saturday Night Live” with Howard Cosell featured hot pop artists, “The Bay City Rollers” who, interestingly, were about to have a hit titled, “Saturday Night.”  The ratings for Cosell’s show were OK at first – then trailed off quickly.

In November, 1975, Cosell was quoted as saying, “The Saturday night time slot that ABC placed my variety show in has a deathly history. I inherited a cemetery.” By, the end of the 1975-1976 season, the show would be canceled.

art garkunkle 1975 saturday night nbc october music trivia popculture history First ads for NBC’s “Saturday Night” were few and far in-between. They usually came from record artists/record labels – who promoted upcoming appearances on the program. The first such ad for “Saturday Night” was from Art Garfunkel – who was making an appearance on the program – its second airing – on October 18, 1975. Also on that program, Paul Simon. “Saturday Night” made an immediate star out of sketch cast member Chevy Chase – the first to bolt for bigger and better things such as TV specials and movies. It quickly became a breeding ground for future movie stars such as Bill Murray and Eddie Murphy, among many others. Bolting actors almost became the bane of producer Lorne Michaels – although he wished them well, he really wasn’t happy when one of his stars left for other pastures.

So, in 1975, you have not one, but two, “Saturday Night” TV shows – but wait… The Bay City Rollers just released, “Saturday Night” – a top-10 record later in the year:

Can you tell me the first sports “personality” show that set the standard?

"Inside The NFL" with Jimmy The Greek, Irv Cross, Jayne Kennedy and Brent Musberger

“Inside The NFL” with Jimmy The Greek, Irv Cross, Jayne Kennedy and Brent Musberger

From Len G – Mr. Pop – With so many sports shows on ESPN, the Bob Costas NFL program on HBO and all the networks, can you tell me the first sports “personality’ show that set the standard?

Mr. Pop History – I don’t think there’s any doubt it was “The NFL Today” on CBS, back during the 1970’s and into the 1980’s. Brent Musberger and Jimmy the Greek were just terrific. There was such a give and take energy and I’m not sure if these two got along off camera. Jimmy the Greek Snyder once punched Musberger in a bar. On the following program, they broke out an oversize boxing glove and laughed about it.

You get the picture – those dynamics made for a great sports show. Other members of the program included Irv Cross and over the years, folks such as Phyllis George and Jayne Kennedy. As good as some of these shows are today – and I love the Costas HBO program myself, I can’t help think it all began with the original “NFL Today.” It set the standard.

Rush Limbaugh has been using a piece of bumper music on his show. It’s very catchy, but it isn’t anything that was ever popular.

"A Woman's Got The Power" Single

“A Woman’s Got The Power” Single

From Marty H – Mr. Pop History, I swear if you get this one, you are the best! For years, Rush Limbaugh has been using a piece of bumper music on his show. It’s very catchy, but it isn’t anything that was ever popular. I can identify every bit of music he uses on the show with this one exception. I’ve never heard him mention this piece of music – ever.
I know this is a long shot.

Mr. Pop History – For readers who don’t know, bumper music is the music bridging commercials to the next segment of a radio talk show. It’s the thing to do and Rush perfected the art. Now, to answer your question. I’m going to guess and this is a long shot indeed! I noticed over the years that Rush has played a tune, which absolutely bombed on the charts. I was given this copy by a radio station in 1981. It was one of those throwaway records stations get. I don’t listen to Rush a lot, but notice Rush is still playing the same tune, either with different artists or a different arrangement. But lets go back to this single. A group called the A’s released it in 1981 on the Arista label. The song is called “A Woman’s Got the Power.” Rush listeners should recognize this incredible piece of mystery bumper music. Rush Limbaugh played this version for years and years.

I just heard that Neil McIntyre passed away September 11. I can’t find his obit anywhere.

Radio Programmer Neil McIntyre During The 1970's

Radio Programmer Neil McIntyre During The 1970′s

From Christy – I hope you can help me. I just heard that Neil McIntyre passed away September 11. I can’t find his obit anywhere. Do you know more about his life?  I was an old friend from the 1960′s at 1010 WINS NY: a teenager trying to break into rock. We would practice with my girl group at WINS. Murray the K’s friend was our manager. We kept rehearsing so that we could meet Phil Spector but we never perfected ourselves to that degree… circa 1964.

Mr. Pop History – Radio programmer Neil McIntyre was indeed at 1010 WINS in 1964 during their last gasp at top-40 and WINS sounded great that year with DJ’s such as Ed Hider, Jack Lacy, Johnny Holiday and Murray the K. The problem was, WINS had WMCA and WABC breathing down their backs and there just wasn’t room for 3 top-40 stations. McIntyre had come from WHK Cleveland and brought WHK DJ Johnny Holiday with him to New York. WINS decided to go full-blast top-40 (again) and hired him during the fall of 1963. WINS scooped the world after all the Beatles came to New York in February, 1964, when John, Paul George and Ringo gave WINS all kinds of promos: “This is Paul McCartney and You’re Listening to 1010 WINS.”  (Ringo and John Lennon did the same for WMCA).

1964 was such a great year to be in top-40 radio with the British invasion of the Beatles, Stones, Kinks and so many others. Murray the K’s exclusive Beatle interviews were tops. WINS and WMCA tried to scoop each other with “firsts” in New York and it made for exciting radio. It was music competition at its best. The WINS sound in 1964 was exciting and highly produced. If a record was in the WINS top-10, it was in the “WINS Winners Circle.” You gotta love it.

Group W transferred McIntyre to KDKA  Pittsburgh in 1965 after the WINS all-news change. Later, Neil McIntyre programmed WPIX-FM (New York) during the early and mid-1970’s and was it my favorite choice for top-40. Like WINS, the station was loaded with personality DJ”s like Dennis Quinn, Les Marshak, Alex Hayes, Ted David and Jerry Carrol.

He was 68 and passed away from cancer. I’m told McIntyre was one of the nicest in the business. I’ve sent you his obit and thanks for a great e-mail.