Paris Hilton – You Don’t Hear Much From Her. Pop Culture Fascinating People History.

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That’s correct, but during the mid-2000′s she was everywhere. The center of all her attention hit in December of 2004 when Barbara Walters featured her on the “10 most fascinating people of 2004″ – then it was up, up up – but yes, you don’t hear about her as you once did.

Others on that list, that year where Michael Moore, Jeopardy’s Ken Jennings and pitcher Curt Schilling.

What Was VH1′s Answer To It’s “Divas” Music Special? Pop Culture TV-Music History.

Mr. Pop History – You remember VH1 Divas back in 2000′s Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin – just to name a few. Not to be outdone – VH1 decided to do a male version called, “Men Strike Back” with the likes of Sting, Tom Jones, Enrique Iglesias and the Backstreet Boys – Back in 2000.


Verizon iPhone Selling Nicely. Pop Culture Tech History.

We knew it, but can’t help but report that the Verizon version of iPhone has topped two million sales. So many were unhappy with AT&T’s spotty reception – and now – the first sales results are in:

Verizon announced Thursday that it activated 2.2 million iPhones during the quarter, helping the company more than triple its profit from a year ago. The wireless division of telecom giant began selling the iPhone on Feb. 10. Verizon only sold the iPhone 4 for 50 days during the quarter, compared to the full 90 days of the quarter that Apple’s smartphone sold on rival AT&T’s network.

Celebrities Remarried To Each Other. Pop Culture Entertainment History.

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The question is – can you name celebrities that were married twice or more to each other.
A second go ’round:
Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson
Liz Taylor and Richard Burton
Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood
George C. Scott and Colleen Dewhurst
Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.

My list so far.

When Did Troy Aikman Leave Pro Football? Pop Culture Sports History.

Mr. Pop History – The week of April 8, 2001:
Troy Aikman says goodbye to the NFL at a news conference. The three-time Super Bowlchamp has suffered four concussions in his last20 starts, giving him 10 in his career and has adegenerative back problem. Aikman is 34.

From the www.mrpopculture archives.

Big Shift In Book Sales – E-Book. Pop Culture Book History.

The publishing tide is shifting fast: E-book sales in February topped all other formats, including paperbacks and hardcovers, according to an industry report released this week. E-book sales totaled $90.3 million in February, up 202% compared to the same month a year earlier, according to a study from the Association of American Publishers. That put e-books at No. 1 “among all categories of trade publishing” that month — the first time e-books have beaten out traditional publishing formats.

iPads certainly had a lot to do with it as many consider the format perfect reading for e-books.

Disney Channel – Before Miley It Was Lizzie McGuire/Hilary Duff. Pop Culture TV History.

Mr. Pop History – The first pre-teen/teen superstar of the Disney Channel dates back to January 2001 when Lizzie McGuire debuted. That started it all – and today, most of the channel’s popular series comes from the age 9-14 audience, then 15 to 18. Disney at one time, contemplated an animated “McGuire” series.

I’d say the next popular “tween” show on that channel – “That’s So Raven” starring then teen idol Raven Simone, formerly of the Cosby Show.

Some 1985 Pop Culture – Madonna and Sean Penn Get Married. Pop Culture Entertainment History.

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1985 – And you can catch it week-by-week right here:
Top Trending TV – “Moonlighting” with Bruce Willis.
Madonna and Sean Penn marry.

New Coke is out, then bombs.
We loved, “Back to the Future” with Michael J. Fox.
Madonna becomes the Material Girl after her hit.
Whitney Houston is on top of the pop charts.
Pee Wee gets his big adventure.
Swatch Watches
The Chicago Bears’ lineman William “Refrigerator” Perry
The Brat Pack in the movies.
“We Are The World” rocks the world.
Michael Jackson buys Lennon-McCartney songs for about $47 million.