Mr. Pop Culture Report – June 30

Larry King, the longtime host of “Larry King Live” announced he’s ending his primetime show after 25 years on air. An individual at CNN told TheWrap that King will continue doing his show until November. King signed a new contract with the network to produce quarterly specials once “Larry King Live” ends its run. One CNN insider said that turmoil in Larry King’s personal life led to the decision. “What brought this to a head was his messy personal life, and he’s old – it’s too much.”

Christinia Aguilera and Eminem are the latest stars to sign up for a cameo appearance in “Entourage.” Jessica Simpson and Zac Efron have previously filmed guest slots for the drama. Both Aguilera and rapper Eminem are set to appear in the upcoming series opposite Adrian Grenier. ”

Tom Cruise losing box office appeal as his “Knight and Day” does about $20 million business its first week – a Cruise low.

Pop Culture History At Its Best. Here’s A Larry King Question And Answer.

From Diane G – With Larry King announcing his retirement: he never seemed to have a bad guest. My question: who was his worst ever? Has he ever mentioned it?

Mr. Pop History – Larry King once said his absolute low-point came back in the 1970’s, with his overnight national radio show. The guest was actor Demond Wilson, who many remember as the son in “Sanford and Son.” According to Larry King – during that live interview – Wilson answered questions with either a yes or no. He refused to elaborate when King wanted to know. At one point, Wilson blurted out – “When Am I Going To Get Paid?” And lastly, he refused to take telephone calls. It must have been a nightmare for King.

Mr. Pop Culture Report – June 29

Former “Melrose Place” original cast member Amy Locane has been charged with second-degree vehicular homicide for allegedly causing a fatal crash before being arrested for suspicion of DWI Sunday night in Montgomery, N.J.

Oprah Winfrey, the Queen of all Media takes back her crown on Forbes’ annual ranking of the world’s ultra-famous. Winfrey earned $315 million over the past 12 months.

New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art will display Ringo Starr’s gold-plated snare drum in a special exhibition honoring his 70th birthday. The museum said Tuesday the drum will be shown from July 7 — Starr’s birthday — through December. The instrument was presented to the drummer by the Ludwig Drum Company in Chicago during the Beatles’ 1964 U.S. tour. It was given to him in appreciation for popularizing the Ludwig name. Starr played on a Ludwig oyster black pearl drum set during the Fab Fours’ 1964 appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

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From Steve N – Mr. Pop – Wasn’t Ed Sullivan resurrected to host a 1990′s special?

Mr. Pop History – A sort of “tales from the crypt” – Sullivan was indeed placed in such a role. Although he was long dead, UPN-TV featured Sullivan “hosting” a prime time special in May of 1998. Through computer technology – his likeness introduced new acts on something called “The New Ed Sullivan Show.”

Mr. Pop Culture Report – June 28

Daytime Emmy Awards solutes to Dick Clark. In paying tribute Sunday night to Bandstand, Tony Orlando, Chubby Checker and Marie Osmond preformed hits once played on the variety show, which Clark hosted from 1957 until 1989. “Without Bandstand, without Dick, there would be no “American Idol” said Simon Cowell, who recently ended his Idol judgeship.

Katy Perry has broken radio records in the U.S. — stations can’t get enough of her “California Girls.” The summer pop anthem currently holds the top spot in charts around the globe, including the U.S. and U.K. According to, the summer pop anthem, which has been topping charts internationally, logged 11,816 plays among the survey’s 132 panelists for the week ending on June  27. That’s an average of 90 plays per station. That passes Ke$ha’s 11,224 plays of “TiK ToK” in February. Lady Gaga is third on the radio-play record list with 10,859 weekly plays for Bad Romance earlier this year.

Just two months after  Sandra Bullock went public with filing divorce papers and adopting a son, a judge legally ended her marriage to Jesse James. The documents were signed in Austin’s Travis County Court, citing a “conflict of personalities” as the reason for the divorce.

Pop Culture History – Week-By-Week. Six Decades. Video below supports today’s Q&A.

From Marty U – Mr. Pop… I’ve always wondered what the first week’s ratings were for “Saturday Night Live” – way back in 1975. Do you have any information?

Mr. Pop History – The show debuted with a 6.7 rating and a 23 rating. Back then, a point equaled 1.5 million viewers. The numbers I’m told, climbed through the 1970′s. The 1978 season premiere of “Saturday Night Live” received a 12.5 rating and 37 share. 1979 premiere – even better – a 16 rating.

Mr. Pop Culture Report – June 26

BP, after trial runs with the device, is ordering 32 more of Kevin Costner’s centrifuges to aid the Gulf cleanup. The actor has invested some $20 million and spent the past 15 years in developing the centrifuges. He helped found a manufacturing company, Ocean Therapy Solutions, to advance his brother’s research in spill cleanup technology. In testimony before Congress this month, Costner walked through the device’s operation—explaining how it spins oil-contaminated water at a rapid speed, so as to separate out the oil and capture it in a containment tank.

Michael Jackson’s Swarovski crystal glove worn on his Victory tour sold for $190,000, while his Victory tour jacket sold for $66,000 and his Victory tour shirt sold for $56,250 at Julien’s Auctions Music Icons auction at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Top Albums This Week –

Mojo – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Thank Me Later – Drake

Laws of Illusion – Sarah McLachlan

To The Sea – Jack Johnson

Now 34

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Need You Now – Lady Antebellum

My World 2.0 – Justin Biever

Bionic – Christina Aguilera

Glee: The Music, Journey To Regionals

What Was A Major Music Trend During The Decade Of The 2000′s? More Pop Culture History. Paul McCartney Video Below.

From Lucia L – Mr. Pop – Other than Rap, Hip-Hop and genre/types of music – what would you say were the more important music trends during last decade?

Mr. Pop History – The first one was the way music was sold – as the model shifted from music stores to the Internet and the likes of iTunes.

Another interesting trend – record labels losing their grip on artists – a sort of defiance by artists. For instance – remember when Paul McCartney left Capitol for Starbucks? The Eagles did a partnership with Wal-Mart? And there were many others.

Mr. Pop Culture Report – June 25

A Bowl A Day Keeps The Wax Away – Kellogg Co. is voluntarily recalling about 28 million boxes of Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops and Honey Smacks cereals, saying a “waxy” smell and flavor coming from the package liners could make people sick, the company said Friday. Kellogg spokeswoman J. Adaire Putnam said about 20 people complained about the smell, including five who reported nausea and vomiting. The company said the potential for serious health problems associated with the cereal is low.

A free concert in New York featuring Ke$ha has been canceled amid fears the show could descend into chaos like Drake’s recently scrapped gig in the city. The rapper was due to play a free show in conjunction with Paper magazine at Manhattan’s South Street Seaport on June 15, but police officials pulled the plug on the event after overcrowding led to violent outbursts. Six people suffered minor injuries and two were arrested.

The Times Are Good For… Premiere Radio and Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck has another #1 bestseller with the debut of his novel “The Overton Window,” at the top of the New York Times adult fiction bestseller list with the July 4th issue. That gives Beck six consecutive #1 bestsellers on the Times lists. Beck said, “I am extremely grateful to my audience and thriller fans for responding so well to ‘The Overton Window.’”  Beck’s publisher Simon & Schuster says that Glenn Beck is the only author in history to ever top all of the New York Times hardcover fiction, hardcover nonfiction, nonfiction paperback and children’s picture book lists.

Week-By-Week Pop Culture History. Danny Sugarman Mr. Pop Video Below.

From Raymond L – Mr. Pop, can you give me an instance in pop history – where a music artist fan or a groupie – turned out to be important for that artist?

Mr. Pop History - The one that comes to mind immediately is the late Danny Sugarman – who – as it turned out, kept the legacy of the Doors alive well after they had gone their separate ways.

He was the classic groupie pesk. They’d tell him to leave and he’d come back. They eventually put him on payroll and he answered fan mail. Leader Jim Morrison took a liking to him and introduced him literature and drugs.  Later, Sugarman became the publicist and manager for Ray Manzarek and eventually, become caretaker of the Door’s Legacy. He coauthored the 1980 Jim Morrison bio – “No One Here gets Out Alive” and consulted on Oliver Stone’s “The Doors.” He also got Elektra Records to release “The Doors Greatest Hits” among other feats.