From Nicki A – Mr. Pop – So many reality shows are pitched, but many don’t get on the air. Can you share any crazy “reality” TV ideas?

Mr. Pop History – Anything that gets on the air – well, that’s not bad – that is, if you’re the producer.

But – I love this one. ABC-TV actually ordered a script and five episode outlines for “America’s Next Muppet.” OMG!

In it, viewers would have chosen the newest member of the Muppets. My warped mind says – “gotta love it.”

From Maureen H – David Letterman is benefiting from the Leno/O’Brien debacle. Can you tell me what David Letterman’s highest-ever ratings were for his late-night show?

Mr. Pop History – Nothing ever compared to the night of December 1, 2005. That’s when Oprah Winfrey appeared on David Letterman’s “Late Show” – her first-ever appearance on anything Dave for 16 years!

Only Oprah could do this… Dave’s ratings were 4X higher than normal – 13.4 million viewers!

No matter how you cut it, Oprah Winfrey is just

From Keven K – Mr. Pop – Can you give a little history about the holiday TV Yule Log? CHannel 9 here in Los Angeles has had it on for several years.

Mr. Pop History – No problem. WPIX-TV Channel 11 began the “Yule Log” – running it for three hours on Christmas Eve beginning in December of 1966. It remained a staple on channel 11 through 1990, when WPIX extinguished the log for 10 years. The station went back to tradition after the Sept. 11 attacks and never looked back. All the publicity created copycat yule logs of which – KCAL Los Angeles is just one of perhaps a dozen.

I’m told the original Yule Log on channel 11 was only 7 minutes of video, looped – and was shot at Gracie Mansion. It was originally created for NYC apartment dwellers with no fireplace. It was complete with background Christmas/holiday music.

Interestingly – when it returned – knockoff DVD’s came to market – the biggest being “The Happy Holiday Hearth.”

But it all started at New York’s channel 11 – a channel many of us as kids use to watch (after school kid’s shows and all). We all knew about the Yule Log. yule

From Janette T -1960′s surf/car/pop duo Jan & Dean was once a trio. Briefly. Can you explain?

Mr. Pop History – Hmmm. Before Jan got in the horrible auto wreck – his girlfriend Jill Gibson sang and even wrote on some of Jan & Dean’s records.
She’s pretty interesting herself. Like Linda Eastman, she was also a rock & roll photographer. Lots of her work shows up from the 1967 Monterey music fest.

And to boot, she had a brief stint with the Mamas & Papas, so she really could sing! Pretty interesting!

jillJIll Gibson w/Jan Barry and Dean Torrence “1-2-3″ co-written by Gibson

From Evan J – Mr. Pop – I used to watch Howard Stern’s E! show and it seemed to be a long run. A friend of mine said he thought they still ran it, but they don’t.

Mr. Pop History – I don’t remember the exact date – but it began in 1994 and ended on July 8, 2005. A long run for sure.

It was great for Howard – who didn’t have to do anything extra; after all, it was his daily radio show edited.