From Jeff R – Mr. Pop – What’s the viewer ship difference between a top prime-time network show – and a top daytime network show? Thank you.

Mr. Pop History – Usually the top daytime TV shows (Price is Right etc) have around 6 million viewers. Top prime time shows (first run) range from say 18 million viewers to 30 million and above. Just depends – but, there’s a huge difference.


Mr. Pop History – The real name of the song is “Brutal Regiment” and was also featured in a movie called “Open Secret.” I looked around – and – even in the day, this type of sheet music wasn’t easy to obtain. Maybe this will help. Meantime – here’s an mp-3 of the theme song. Mr District Attorney

From Patti U – My sister and I were talking about the time someone from the Dave Matthews Band disposed their human waste on a touring boat. Everytime I see them perform, I can’t help but go back to the story.

Mr. Pop History – And it’s a good one. It all came from the band’s touring bus. Here’s something from August of 2004:

“Does it matter? – The Dave Matthews Band is under fire and could face fines because one of their tour bus drivers dumped a tankful of Dave & Co’s human waste in the Chicago River. He did it from a bridge and some of Dave (and the band’s) matter hit a touring boat crossing under. Talk about bad timing, but it confirmed to fans that even Dave’s stuff can stink.”

from matthews

From Rob J – Mr. Pop – “The Apprentice” was originally a huge hit for NBC and Donald Trump. Wasn’t there a knock-off show on another network?

Mr. Pop History – Isn’t there always? There’s no such thing as a vacuum in TV land. During the first season of “The Apprentice” – rival CBS and fashion guru Tommy Hilfiger got together to hatch, “The Cut.” Why not? The ratings for The Apprentice were high and like Trump, Hilfiger was a celebrity with his own high-profile business. By the time Apprentice season #2 came around – they were ready (that was quick).

Like Trump, Hilfiger hosted this one – which pitted 16 contestants against each other and the winner got to design a line for the Hilfiger label. A blatant rip-off. You gotta love it!

From Martina W – Who was the rapper who went after a talk show host in a song? It was a sort-of payback, for what, I don’t know. Help!

Mr. Pop History – Talker Bill O’Reilly chastised Pepsi for using the R-rated rapper Ludacris in their commercials. Pepsi would soon drop the rapper, and he retaliated on not one, but two tracks: “Blow It Out” and “Hoes In My Room.” Believe me, the poking at O’Reilly was light and not full of rage – sort of a classy “get back.” Thanks ludacris

From Maria S – Mr. Pop – Hello and happy holidays. The first “American Idol” gave us Kelly Clarkson as the champ. Like subsequent years, did that year’s runner-up also cut a record deal? Any details?

Mr. Pop History – Justin Guarini was the runner-up that very first “American Idol.” The answer is yes and his self-titled album sold only 135,000 copies and he was subsequently dropped by RCA soon after. justin guarini

From Denise N – Mr. Pop – Which “Seinfeld” episode featured a product that was discontinued not long after the episode aired? Hint – this particular episode was almost built around it… Elaine… OK?

Mr. Pop History – This is a good one and my guess is “The Today Sponge.” In the episode – Elaine runs around seeking the sponge – her favorite method of birth control and she finds a case, then determines if boyfriends are “spongeworthy.” This episode first aired in 1995 – and that’s when the product disappeared… or did it?

Eight years later – it was resurrected. It was originally taken off the market because of problems at the manufacturer’s plant. Instead of expensive retooling, they just stopped. Another company began production of “The Today Sponge” in 2003. The original product had been on shelves from 1983-1995.

From Jerry H – Mr. Pop – The auto industry has had its share of “stars” – people who designed and/or ran car companies. In all of pop culture history – who do you believe was the grandest of them all?

Mr. Pop History – Has to be a toss-up between Lee Iacocca and John DeLorean. To me, DeLorean was the stand-out. He was innovative, tall with classic good looks, charismatic and known for his flashy clothes, good-looking woman. And he had charisma and guts, much like the car he invented, manufactured and sold – the gulf-winged DeLorean. He was more Hollywood than Hollywood and bigger than life. Thanks DeLorean