He Did The Mash – Halloween Hit Songs – What Will You Be Playing?

Some popular Halloween theme songs include the theme to Alfred Hitchcock Presents, “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, theme for the movie “Jaws,” theme from “Halloween” the movie, but on top of the list is the 1962 smash – “Monster Mash” by the late Bobby “Boris” Pickett. Just in case you didn’t know, that’s Bobby doing his best to imitate movie macabre favorite Boris Karloff.

“Monster Mash” was a hit twice – again in 1973 and still tops the charts for Halloween groovy ghoul favorites.

All You Need Is… A Video Game

Video games are the latest craze to expose new groups and their music – and even older bands.

Now music from the Beatles will be featured in an upcoming video game…

For the first time, the legendary group’s music will be featured in the lucrative video game market in a deal with MTV Games and Harmonix, creators of the “Rock Band” series. The game is scheduled to debut sometime next year.

Beatle Paul McCartney said: “The project is a fun idea which broadens the appeal of The Beatles and their music. I like people having the opportunity to get to know the music from the inside out.”

AP/Mr. Pop Culture

Bruce Springstone

From Jack B – Mr. Pop, what in the world is the story with “Bruce Springstone?” All I know is that it was a record parodying Bruce Springsteen.

Mr. Pop History - The man behind this unique record is Baltimore’s Tom Chalkley: journalist, editorial cartoonist and satirist. Mr. Chalkney not only sings lead on “Meet The Flintstones/Take Me Out to the Ballgame; he created the back of the sleeve. Drummer John Ebersberger, another terrific cartoonist, created the front – complete with Clarence Clemmons dinosaur likeness.

Bruce Springstone

“Live At Bedrock” cover art

According to Chalkley, the Bruce Springstone idea came from a party, during which he was singing a song in the style of Bruce. Convinced he should cut a record, he originally wanted to sing “New York, New York” the Bruce way. The two tunes on the 45rpm disc: “Bedrock Rap/Meet The Flinstones” and “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” were chosen by way of free association. Nothing particular.

The single was released in September of 1982. Many rock stations played the record to fool their audiences. And it did fool a lot of people.

Bruce SpringstoneMany who listened to the songs wondered if Springsteen had a problem with Bruce Springstone. Not so. Chalkley received a postcard from Bruce Springsteen saying: “Heard your record. Cute.”

Cartoon makers Hanna-Barbara had a problem. “Meet The Flintstones” was OK and they approved its use. They didn’t like the sleeve artwork. After selling some 35,000 copies – Hanna-Barbara pulled the plug with a cease-and-desist order. Tom Chalkley wrote three other songs for Bruce Springstone – “Cave Girl,” “I’m On Ice,” and “Ugga Bugga.” While none of these made it to record under Bruce Springstone, “Ugga Bugga” was recorded by actor Billy Mumy (Lost in Space) and is available on the Jurassic album. By way of tape dub, Dr. Demento played several of these other tunes on his syndicated radio show.

Eminem Back With Book And Album

Good Ole Marshal Mathers, aka Shady, aka Eminem is back.

Eminem made his first public appearance in two years at the release party for his memoir “The Way I Am” – and his friend 50 Cent tells In Touch Weekly in a report that this is only the beginning of the (once again slim) Slim Shady’s comeback.

Eminem Memoir: Inside Eminem's Comeback (Image: Wenn)
Eminem Memoir: Inside Eminem’s Comeback (Image: Wenn)

“He’s going to push the restart button,” the rapper says of Eminem’s upcoming album, Relapse. “While he was missing to the public, he wasn’t missing to me. When I go to Detroit, I stay at his house. The songs I’ve heard from him are incredible. He is letting Dr. Dre produce pretty much the whole album.

The 36-year-old superstar’s re-emergence comes four years after his last studio album, three years after he was treated for a sleep medication dependency and two years since the violent death of his best friend and the collapse of a second marriage to his childhood sweetheart.

His new track, “I’m Having a Relapse,” has caused a stir on the Web and is fueling talk of a new record and maybe even a tour.

But before Eminem moves forward musically, he first is taking a step back with a memoir out Tuesday that shares quite a few revelations about a man whose autobiographical lyrics have tantalized fans for years.

In “The Way I Am,” the man born Marshall Bruce Mathers III takes readers into his painful childhood and adolescence and inside the studio and beyond as the former Detroit, Michigan, factory floor sweeper and short-order cook enters the rap game and becomes a worldwide hip-hop sensation.

The book is 200-plus pages worth of text, behind-the-scenes photographs and reproductions of Eminem’s original lyric sheets — hotel stationery and other scraps of paper he used to scratch out partial verses of the songs that would make him famous: From “My Name Is” and “Stan” to “Lose Yourself” and “Without Me.”

National Ledger/AP

New Mom Amy Poehler – Off Saturday Night Live

The live show’s parody news anchor was missing from her spot alongside Seth Myers on “Weekend Update” because she gave birth earlier Saturday.

On behalf of Poehler and her husband, Will Arnett, “I can confirm that Amy gave birth to Archie Arnett on Saturday,” read a statement from Poehler’s spokeswoman, Kay Lewis.

Poehler, who has been on “SNL” since 2001, will not return to the show as a regular cast memeber, Lewis said in the statement.

The baby was born early Saturday evening in New York, weighing 8 pounds, 1 ounce.

Mother and child were “healthy and resting comfortably,” according to the statement.

Poehler, who performed on Thursday night’s special edition of “SNL” and is known for playing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, was rehearsing the show until Friday. She also starred opposite Tina Fey in this year’s “Baby Mama” as a working class girl who agrees to be a surrogate mother for a single businesswoman.


Top Movies As Of October 27

High School Musical 3: Senior Year claimed the largest debut for a musical, raking in $42 million over the weekend, according to estimates from Nielsen EDI. The haul eclipsed Mamma Mia!‘s $27.8 million and carved up the horror film Saw V, which was second with $30.5 million.

The video-game adaptation Max Payne was third with $7.6 million, bringing its 10-day total to $29.7 million.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua was No. 4 with $6.9 million and a total of $78.1 million over four weeks.

•The Edward Norton police drama Pride and Glory was fifth with a debut of $6.3 million.

•The other major newcomer, the Angelina Jolie drama Changeling, had a strong debut, grossing $502,000 in 15 theaters for an impressive $33,000 per-screen average. It expands nationwide Friday.

USA Today

No Crown – Just A Frown For Miss Teen LA

Miss Teen Louisiana lost her crown 11 days early after being arrested on charges of leaving a restaurant without paying and carrying marijuana.

RPM Productions Inc., the sponsor, took back the title on Tuesday after learning that Lindsey Evans, 18, of Blanchard, had been arrested, president Paula M. Miles said Wednesday.

Evans will have to return her sash and crown, but won’t have to return any other prizes or cash equivalents, Miles said.

“She’s done a good job this year,” Miles said.

A call to Evans’ parents’ house was not answered Wednesday.

Miles said she had been told that the three women with Evans told police that Evans, alone in the group, had paid her bill. But Bossier City spokesman Mark Natale said Evans admitted not paying.

Bossier City police booked all four on theft charges, three on drug charges and two on drug paraphernalia charges, he said.

Natale said Bossier City police were called to a Posados Cafe restaurant Saturday evening because a group had left without paying $46.07. The manager had found a pocketbook at the table, and police found Evans’ driver’s license and about 2 grams of suspected marijuana in it, Natale said.

He said officers recognized Evans from the photo when the group returned for the pocketbook.

Miles said she talked with Evans on Monday.

The next Miss Teen Louisiana will be chosen Nov. 1 at a pageant in Lafayette. Michelle Berthelot, Miss Louisiana USA 2008, will crown the winner.


Good Morning America Gets The Spears Scoop

Britney Spears will perform live Dec. 2nd, in NYC’s Bryant Park on “Good Morning America”. She will be promoting her new album and single, “Womanizer.” Sources tell the NY Post, “Everybody wanted her – she was the big get – but ‘GMA’ and ABC outfoxed the ‘Today’ and NBC.” Britney is coming out with an MTV special in which she talks about her trying last two years. The album and single are expected to be near the top of the charts for this year.

Dee Dee Warwick Dies At 63

Dee Dee Warwick the younger sister of pop singer Dionne Warwick has died. The soul singer won huge recognition for her work, both as a solo artist as well as with her sister. Dee Dee Warwick dies on Saturday 18, October at a nursing home in Essex County. She was 63.

Warwick was suffering from ill health over recent months; Dionne was with her when she died. Some of Warwick’s hits include “Foolish Fool,” and “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me,” a track that was later covered by Diana Ross and The Supremes.

Warwick had several hits on the soul and R&B charts in the 1960s and 70s, including “Foolish Fool,” “She Didn’t Know (She Kept on Talking)” and a version of “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” that was later covered by Diana Ross and The Supremes.

Warwick also was a two-time Grammy Award nominee and sang backup for Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett and others before starting her solo career.

Warwick was the niece of gospel singer Cissy Houston and a cousin of Whitney Houston.

Famous Fashion Critic Mr. Blackwell Dies At 86

He tanked the best of them…

Mr. (Richard) Blackwell, perhaps the world’s most famous fashion critic, has passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 86-years-old. Mr. Blackwell has died from an intestinal infection.

Blackwell, whose first name was Richard, was a little-known dress designer when he issued his first tongue-in-cheek criticism of Hollywood fashion disasters for 1960—long before Joan Rivers and others turned such ridicule into a daily affair.

Blackwell was best known for his ‘Ten Worst Dressed Women’ list which was an annual stop for the likes of Britney Spears, Cher, Madonna, Paris Hilton, and others.

Richard was a fashion designer before becoming famous for his ‘Worst Dressed Women.’ Blackwell’s list was in part the inspiration for Bumpshack’s “Worst Dressed Celeb of the Day.”

Mr. Blackwell once did a talkshow over radio station KABC in Los Angeles as well as other long-form radio-TV projects. He was the king of the fashion put down and according to AP – here are some legendary Blackwell comments from the past:

Christina Aguilera: “Is she a boring and body-baring bungle — or just auditioning for ‘Sheena, Queen of the Jungle?’”

_ Courtney Love: “When push comes to shove, no one’s fashion is tackier and wackier than funky, punky Love!”

_ Mary Kate Olsen: “She resembles a tattered toothpick trapped in a hurricane.”

_ The Dixie Chicks: “They look like a trio of truck-stop fashion tragedies trapped in a typhoon.”

_ Rene Zellweger: “A painted pumpkin on a pogo stick.”

_ Ann-Margret: “Marlon Brando in a g-string.”

_ Bjork: “She dances in the dark — and dresses there, too.”

_ Martha Stewart: “She dresses like the centerfold for the Farmer’s Almanac.”

_ Sharon Stone: “She looks like an over-the-hill Cruella de Ville.”

_ Elizabeth Taylor: “Looks like two small boys fighting under a mink blanket.”

_ Amy Winehouse: “Exploding beehives above, tacky polka-dots below, she’s part 50′s carhop horror.”

_ Cher: “A million beads and one overexposed derriere.”

_ Sarah Jessica Parker: “From ‘Sex and the City’ Sarah’s fashions are a mix-and-match pity.”

You can read more about Mr. Blackwell in the Mr. Pop Culture “this week in pop culture” archives.