Week of Oct 27-31, 1984
Doctors at Loma Linda University Medical Center in California transplant the
heart of a young baboon into a 14-day-old baby girl. It was the first such animal-
human heart transplant of its kind.
Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is assassinated
at her residence by members of her security
guard. She died as doctors fought to save her
life after being struck by 10 bullets.
India mourns the assassinated Indira Gandhi
and turns to the slain prime minister’s son to
lead the nation through its time of crisis.
President Reagan, declaring “I’m as nervous as
you are tired,” visited his national campaign
headquarters for the fist time, urging his
supporters to ignore public opinion polls
showing him with a landslide-proportion lead.
President Reagan, campaigning in two states still scarred by recession, accused
Walter F. Mondale of turning his back on the carter Administration’s economic
record and said, “If I had his past, I’d want to forget it to.”
In Poland, police find the body of an outspoken Warsaw priest in an icy reservoir,
11 days after he was kidnapped by state police. Later, three officers of the
Interior Ministry in Warsaw admit kidnapping Father Jerzy Popieluszko and one
of them confessed he killed him.
Africa’s prolonged drought has left 35 million people desperately hungry and
caused ‘the worst human disaster in the recent history of the continent, according
to a U.N. report released this week. (This will begin a huge pop culture wave of
famine charity by rock n roll artists).
The nation’s major banks lower their prime lending rate to 12% from12.5%.

Week of Oct 27-31, 1984
Ted Turner launches his Cable Music Channel - a competitor to MTV. The
Turner folks say it is being launched and is available with between 900,000 and
2.5 million homes. MTV President Bob Pittman said, “we can’t even find 1 million”
after a survey of local cable operators around the country. “VH-1 will be
launching with substantially more than that.” At this point, we have more than he
has announced.” Said Pittman. The first video aired on CMC - Randy Newman’s
“I Love L.A.” Video disc jockeys Raechel Donahue and Jeff Gonzer - and the
rest - will be off camera making announcements. It’s broadcast out of Hollywood.
Cable-TV entrepreneur Ted Turner says he is prepared to carry to the supreme
Curt his fight for live television coverage of retired Gen. Williams C.
Westmorland’s $120-million libel suit against CBS News.
Saturday night - MTV presents Golden Earring in Concert.
Sunday night television -
CBS - 60 Minutes, Murder She Wrote, The Jefferson, Trapper John,M.D.
NBC - Silver Spoons, Punky Brewster, Knight Rider, Movie
AC - Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, Hardcastle & McCormick, Movie
PBS - Nature, Masterpiece Theater
HBO - Fraggle Rock
MTV - Liner Notes
Silver Spoons - Ricky and friends tell ghost stories.