Week of March 13, 1961
Secretary of Commerce Luther Hodges says the
recession has hit the bottom and that “the nation’s
economy can start to move upward.” Appearing on
ABC-TV’s “Issues and Answers” - Hodges said it would
be necessary to cut income taxes this spring as the
President said in January. He also cited a high
confidence in President Kennedy in the business
community and further trade with Communist countries,
as long as there is no damage to national security.
Sources say the U.S. has doubled its military mission in
Laos and increased shipments of guns and ammunition
to meet a new threat by Soviet-armed rebels.
In a Gallup Poll - The most important problem facing the country is keeping the
peace, followed by unemployment, high cost of living and integration.
President Kennedy news conference this week -
Laos - Mr. Kennedy says the United States will support the government and
people of Laos in resisting outside attempts to prevent establishment of a neutral
and independent country.
Work week - Kennedy says he is opposed shortening the work week arbitrarily or
artificially and hopes “we can have employment high, five days a week and 40
hours ... which is necessary if we are going to continue economic growth and
maintain our commitments at home and abroad.”
Disarmament - Instead of waiting until September to resume East-West talks on
disarmament, as the administration had wanted, the United States is not seeking
resumption by “August at the latest.”
Richard M. Nixon returns to law practice, reporting to work to the Adams, Duque
and Hazelton law firm office in Los Angeles. He was greeted by flashbulbs as he
entered the building. He is still house hunting and is staying on at the Statler
Hilton until he finds a home.
The Census Bureau reports that Washington D.C. is the only major American city
where Negroes form a majority of the population at 53.9% or 411,737. New York
City has the largest number of Negroes totaling 1,087,831 or 14%. In percentage
terms - Atlanta comes in second at 38.3%, New Orleans at 37.2% and Memphis
at 37.0%.

Week of March 13, 1961
Dies in car crash - British movie actress Belinda
Lee (26) when a car in which she was riding blew
a tire and hurtled out of control in the California
desert. She was thrown out of the car after it
skidded almost 1000 feet. It was going 100mph.
Miss Lee was rated as one of Britain’s top money
making stars.
World Trade Center in New York? - The Port
Authority of New York recommends that a huge
world trade center be built in lower Manhattan. Plans call for a 72-story world
trade mart, a circular eight-story securities exchange, a 30-story world commerce
exchange and a 20-story trade center gateway. Cost of the project - $355 million.
The Port Authority delivered its recommendation to Gov. Rockefeller of New
York, Gov. Meyner of New Jersey and New York City Mayor Wagner.
Wed - actress Ginger Rogers (50) and film producer
William Marshall (43).
Sues for divorce - Mrs. Patricia Bennett - wife of singer
Tony Bennett wants a divorce. She seeks $600 a week
for herself and two children. It’s estimated the singer
makes $250 thousand per year.
Boxing - Heavyweight Champ Floyd Patterson knocks
out Ingemar Johansson in the 6th round of their third
title flight before 15,000 in Miami Beach.
In Florida a powerful 22-ft-long python escapes from its cage at a zoo and
crushes snake handler Alfred Heneley to death. The 210-foot snake was later
found in a tree.
Mel Blanc - the voice of Bugs Bunny and many other cartoon characters, is
released from the UCLA medical center where he has been hospitalized since
January 24. Blanc was coming around “Dead Man’s Curve” on the Sunset Strip,
when he was hit head-on. He was not expected to live, but
the voice actor has battled back to good health.
The narcotics charge against actor Jackie Coogan is
dismissed on grounds of insufficient evidence during a
preliminary hearing.

Week of March 13, 1961
New at toy stores - - Mattel’s Ken doll. A foot tall, Mattel says he is Barbie’s
escort. Like Barbie, you can buy individual accessories for him.
Radio - Did you know that Philadelphia has more record hops than just about any
other city? Each weekend, according to the record industry, there are 15-20 hops
around the Philly area - most hosted by area radio disc jockeys. Record labels,
especially smaller ones, say it’s just too much to bring an artist down there. They
can’t make all those hops in one weekend and it’s sure to tick-off those DJ’s
whose hops were missed. Look for regular record hops by WIBG DJ’s Bill Wright,
Bill Jones, Jerry Stevens, Harvey Miller and Dean Tyler. WCAM in nearby
Camden has hop jocks Sam Scott, Hy Litt, Cal Rudman, Pat Delsi and Jack
LaMar. WFIL and WIP also have DJ’s who do regular record hops. Don’t forget
Larry Brown of WPEN radio.

Week of March 13, 1961
Speaking of record hops - WLEE radio in Richmond, VA does big business by
packaging its DJ’s for private parties. The station averages about two each
weekend. For $50.00, you get two DJ’s, a sound system with a batch of records.
More radio news - DJ Bill Randle of WERE
Cleveland, ends his career this week. He’s devoting a
major part of his time to seeking a doctorate degree in
American Culture.
Local “Bandstand” television - College kids love “Spin
Time” with Jack Hilton over WGN-TV in Chicago. Lots of
rock and roll is programmed, in addition to some jazz. Hard to get a ticket into the
show... In San Francisco - It’s the KPIX (channel 5) Dance Party with Dick
Stewart. The program is set in an ice cream parlor locale, with teenagers dancing
on camera and daily guest stars...If you’re in Mobile, Alabama - check out John
Dixon’s “Dixon on Disc” on WALA-TV. Visiting record artists appear on the
program and teen-agers participate in various contests... Dick Reid does a record
hop TV show over WCHS-TV in Charleston W. VA.
Larry Kane, who hosts a popular “Bandstand” TV show Saturdays in Houston on
KTRK-TV, begins a new weekly hour-long Bandstand show in Beaumont, about
2 hours away - Thursdays on KFDM-TV in Beaumont. Larry will be busy between
both cities.
Deejay Milt Grant will lose his WTTG-TV (Channel 5) weekday dance show come
April 15. It was a big money maker for Grant who is “extremely disappointed.”
The buzz is it has to do with the station’s upcoming license renewal and it doesn’t
even want a hint of payola queries.
More record news - all in their 20’s - besides the
young artists making hits these days, Record
companies are ripe with 20-something
songwriters and producers. All of these hit makers
are in their 20’s - Snuffy Garrett of Liberty
Records; Stu Phillips at Colpix (Stu brought the
Marcels to the label); Bob Morgan of Columbia
(he brought The Brothers Four to the label);
Donnie Kirshner, Berry Gordy Jr. and Phil Spector
of Atlantic Records. Songwriters Mike Jerry
Lieber and Mike Stoller , now vets in the
business are still in their 20’s!

Week of March 13, 1961
Record news - Colpix Records signs Dick Gregory, a hot nightclub comedian.
Nightclubbing - Nat King Cole opens a stand at the Copa next week!
Appearing at the Apollo Theater in Harlem - Sam Cooke, Little Anthony & The
Imperials, Bunny Briggs, Ruth McFadden, Willie Lewis and the Rueben Phillips
Music news - British rock ‘n’ roll singer Cliff Richard stirs a new high in hysteria
after touching down in Johannesburg on the first leg of his South African tour. He
was welcomed at Jan Smuts Airport by 1.500 screaming members of his fan
club. He made, what was described as a “triumphant” entrance into the city in a
vast red convertible lent by champion golfer Gary Player.

Week of March 13, 1961
Television news -
Perry Como will continue to star on “Music Hall” next season. He was thinking
about not doing a weekly show. The program is sponsored by Kraft.
WNTA-TV battle heating up - Ely Landau’s offer is up to $8.4 million for the TV
channel. An educational group bidding for the station says if it loses its bid, it will
go to the FCC - a move that would be unprecedented. In an editorial, WMCA
radio in New York supports the educational group’s bid for the commercial TV
channel, saying the FCC or perhaps Congress should act to ensure the station
goes educational.
It looks like actor John McIntire will take over the
late Ward Bond’s old job as wagon master of “Wagon
Train.” You can see the first episode this week on
NBC-TV. “Wagon Train” is one of the top series on
Producers of “The Untouchables” agree they will not
use fictional characters as hoodlums with Italian
names. The National Italian League to Combat
Defamation, ABC-TV and Producer Desi Arnaz also
agreed that more prominence would be given to Nick
Rossi, the role of right-hand man to Elliot Ness.
Ed Sullivan and Jack Paar tiff - Ed Sullivan, who conducts a successful Sunday
night variety show says that anyone who performs for $320 on Jack Paar’s show
(on rival NBC), could expect no more on his program. That’s the going rate for
Paar. Sullivan is known to have paid up to $7,500 on his show. That irked Paar
and the two were suppose to have a debate on this subject on TV - but both
backed out. The debate was scheduled on Paar’s show this week.
On the success of the Flintstones, networks are clamoring for new prime-time
cartoons. In development - a new animated cartoon series “The Edgar Bergen
Show” which will feature Bergen, his wife Frances and daughter Candy in
animation along with Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snerd and other Bergen
creations. ABC will be featuring “Top Cat” and Calvin and the Colonel next
season in prime time. (The Bergen show never made it).
Coming to Kid’s television - Bob Clampett , who use to
head the Bugs Bunny cartoons at Warner Brothers, is
developing “Beany and Cecil” - already sold to Mattel Toys and

Week of March 13, 1961
will air on ABC-TV for several years. It’s an offshoot of Clampett’s “Time for
Beany” - a syndicated puppet show seen in the early to mid-50’s.
Also new to Kid’s TV - Diver Dan . … Exploits of
the fearless explorer, Diver Dan … the beautiful
mermaid … and the wonderful puppet fish … all
part of this underwater live-and-puppet adventure
in color and black and white.”
Walt Disney, who is readying a color program for
NBC-TV, says of his success that he seeks to
“keep it simple” and do only things “I believe in.” “People are wrong. I have never
aimed at children. In fact, I test all the films I make only with adults; I don’t know
what age the children are I’m supposed to appeal to and I haven’t aimed at them.
The Mickey Mouse program was the first time in my life I built anything for
children … I wouldn’t be in business if I just appealed to kids.”
Television news - Warner Brothers has become a major producer of
television shows. Here is a list:
The Roaring 20’s - stars Rex Reason, Donald May, Dorothy Provine,
Gary Vinson
Marverick - stars Jack Kelly and Roger Moore
The Bugs Bunny Show
Surfside Six - stars Troy Donahue, Van Williams, Lee Patterson, Diane McBain,
Margarita Sierra
Room for One More - stars Andrew Duggan, Peggy McCay, Ronnie Dapo,
Carol Nicholson, Anna Capri, Timothy Rooney
Hawaiian Eye - stars Anthony Eisley, Robert Conrad, Grant Williams, Connie
Stevens, Poncie Ponce
The Cheyenne Show - Alternates adventure spotlight between Cling “Cheyenne
Walker, Will “Sugarfoot” Hutchins and Ty “Bronco” Hardin
77 Sunset Strip - Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Roger Smith, Edward Byrnes, Richard
Long, Louis Quinn, Jacqueline Baer.
Lawman - stars John Russell, Peter Brown, Peggie Castle.
More Warner Brothers television - look for these hour-long TV shows, now in
Las Vegas File - backgrounded in America’s most exciting city - stars Peter
Breck and Mike Road
The Force - based on exploits of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Solitaire - stars Ray Danton and John Van Dreelan

Week of March 13, 1961
Friday Night Television -
CBS - CBS News With Douglas Edwards, Rawhide, Route 66, Jackie Gleason
Show, Twilight Zone
NBC - Huntley-Brinkley Report, Happy, The Jubilee, Nanette Fabray and
Wendell Corey, Bell Telephone Hour, Michael Shayne
ABC - Matty’s Funnies, Harrigan & Son, The Flintstones, 77 Sunset Strip, The
Route 66 - Tod and Buz go their separate ways after they argue.
Twilight Zone - Ann Francis stars as a woman trapped in a department store after
Jack Paar Show - Friday night repeat.
Music news - “The Limeliters” consist of
the group’s comic spokesman Glenn
Yarbrough, Alex Hassilev and Lou
Gottlieb. They appear on the RCA label
with their first LP for the label - “Tonight In
Person.” New single is released this week
as well.
Favorite albums -
Great Motion Picture Themes - various
Memories are Made of This - Ray Conniff
Make Way - Kingston Trio
Dedicated To You - Ray Charles
Calcutta - Lawrence Welk
Camelot - Original Cast
Tonight In Person - Limeliters
Happy Times Sing Along With Mitch -
Mitch Miller
Bobby Vee
An Evening With Mike Nichols &
Elaine May
Best Music On/Off Campus -
Brothers Four
Wildcat - Original Cast
Johnny Horton’s Greatest Hits

Week of March 13, 1961
Bobby’s Biggest Hits - Bobby Rydell
Playing on Country & Western stations -
Foolin Around - Buck Owens
Don’t Worry (Like All The Other Times) - Marty Robbins
I Missed Me - Jim Reeves
On the Wings of a Dove - Ferlin Huskey
Loving You - Bob Gallion
I’ll Just Have Another Cup of Coffee - Claude Gray
Let Forgiveness In - Webb Pierce
Window Up Above - George Jones
Odds & Ends - Warren Smith
Playing On Rhythm & Blues Shows -
Dedicated To The One I Love - Shirelles
All In My Mind - Maxine Brown
Pony Time - Chubby Checker
For My Baby - Brook Benton
Bewildered - James Brown
I Pity The Fool - Bobby Bland
Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes) - Carla Thomas
What A Price - Fats Domino
You Can Have Her - Roy Hamilton
At Last - Etta James
Pop Music This Week In 1961
PONY TIME - Chubby Checker
SURRENDER - Elvis Presley
CALCUTTA - Lawrence Welk & Orchestra
DON’T WORRY - Marty Robbins
WHERE THE BOYS ARE - Connie Francis
WHEELS - String-A-Longs
APACHE - Jorgen Ingmann
EBONY EYES - Everly Brothers
SHOP AROUND - Miracles
GOOD TIME BABY - Bobby Rydell
YOU CAN HAVE HER - Roy Hamilton

Week of March 13, 1961
EXODUS - Ferrante & Teicher
GEE WHIZ (Look At His Eyes) - Carla Thomas
LAZY RIVER - Bobby Darin
ALL IN MY MIND - Maxine Brown
THINK TWICE - Brook Benton
WINGS OF A DOVE - Ferlin Husky
LITTLE BOY SAD - Johnny Burnette
EMOTIONS - Brenda Lee
WALK RIGHT BACK - Everly Brothers
HEARTS OF STONE - Bill Black’s Combo
AT LAST - Etta James
(I Wanna) LOVE MY LIFE AWAY - Gene Pitney
STAYIN’ IN - Bobby Vee
JIMMY’S GIRL - Johnny Tillotson
FOR MY BABY - Brook Benton
I DON’T WANT TO CRY - Chuck Jackson
UTOPIA - Frank Gari
WHAT A PRICE - Fats Domino
PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER - Cathy Jean & Roommates

Week of March 13, 1961
At the movies -
Days of Thrills and Laughter (stars of silent films)
The Trapp Family - Hans Holt, Ruth LeuWerik, Maria Holst
The Grass Is Greener - Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitchum, Jean
Cimarron - Glenn Ford, Maria Schell, Anne
Baxter, Arthur O’Connell
Tunes of Glory - Alec Guinness, John Mills
John Cassavetes “Shadows ” - Lella Goldenl,
Ben Carruthers, Hugh Hurd, Anthony Ray
All In A Night’s Work - Dean Martin, Shirley
MacLaine, Cliff Robertson, Charlie Ruggles, Norma Crane, Gale Gordon
One Eyed Jacks - Marlon Brando, Karl Malden
Sanctuary - Lee Remick, Yves Montand, Bradford Dillman
Walt Disney’s Absent Minded Professor - Fred MacMurray, Nancy Olson,
Keenan Wynn, Tommy Kirk, Leon Ames, Elliott Reid
The Alamo - John Wayne
Gorgo (Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before!) - Bill Travers, William Sylvester,
Vincent Winter, Bruce Seton
The Millionairess - Sophia Loren, Peter Sellers, Alastair Sim, Dennis Price,
Gary Raymond, Vittorio De Sica
Ferry to Hong Kong - Curt Jurgens, Orson Welles. Sylvia Syms
Cry For Happy - Glenn Ford, Donald O’Connor