Week of March 12, 1995
Syria and Israel agree to resume face-to-face- peace talks after an interruption of
three months.
House Republicans approve $17.1 billion in cuts of current domestic spending
and recommend another $100 billion be slashed over the next five years.
O.J. Simpson trial - Detective Mark Fuhrman
denies he ever met a woman who says he made
racist comments and dismissed the suggestion that
he tampered with evidence in the murder
investigation. Also, Los Angeles Police detective
Philip Vannater is questioned about the trail of
blood in the Simpson home.
After more than a century, Scott Paper is leaving
Philadelphia and moving south to Boca Raton.
Scott’s 55-acre complex in Tinicum Township near
the Philly airport is being sold to Koll Co, a real
estate company. Scott will have regional centers in
Hong Kong and Paris.
Technology - USA Networks takes a stake in c/net - a startup programming
service for computer and videogame users. The stake is 10%.
Entertainment - Michael Richards “Kramer” on Seinfeld,
lands another movie roll in “My Blockbuster.” He recently
completed a role as a schizophrenic uncle in “Unstrung
Television news - Talk shows, at least the one’s produced in
New York are a little subdued after a killing incident last week
which stemmed from an encounter on the Jenny Jones show.
A Michigan man is accused of shooting a gay man who a few
days earlier, had surprised him on the show, saying he had a
thing for him.
Passing - Frank Blair - anchorman on NBC’s “Today” show for 22 years. He was

Week of March 12, 1995
Top TV shows -
ER - 24.2
Seinfeld -20.7
Friends - 20.0
Grace Under Fire - 17.6
Home Improvement - 17.6
Home Improvement (8pm) - 17.0
Hope & Gloria - 16.3
Mad About You - 15.8
60 Minutes - 15.7
Thunder Alley - 14.3
Murder, She Wrote - 14.2
Ellen - 14.1
Roseanne - 14.1
NYPD Blue - 13.4
Dateline NBC (Tue.) - 13.0
America’s Funniest Home Videos
- 13.0
American Comedy Awards - 13.0
PrimeTime Live - 13.0
Frasier - 12.5
The Nanny - 12.4
20/20 - 12.3
Lois & Clark:/Superman - 12.2
Monday night television -
CBS - The Nanny, Dave’s World, Murphy Brown, Cybill, Chicago Hope, Late
NBC - Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Blossom, Movie, Tonight Show
ABC - Coach, A Whole New World, Movie, Nightline
PBS - Garth Brooks and Tina Turner pledge drive specials
Fox - Melrose Place, (pilot)-Medicine Ball
Blossom - Blossom is cast in the lead in a new film, but the part requires some
Pilot - Medicine Ball - Series about first year resident
interns at a Seattle hospital.
Cybill - Our star feels abandoned when Maryann
spends all her time with a new boyfriend.

Week of March 12, 1995
Late Show w/David Letterman - Gloria Estefan
Tonight Show w/Jay Leno - Jeff Cesario.
Music - Gangsta rap artist Easy-E announces he
has AIDS. Eric “Easy-E” Wright (31) says he found
out about 3 weeks ago. “I’m not religious, but
wrong or right, that’s me. I’m not saying this
because I’m looking for a soft cushion wherever I’m
heading. I just feel I’ve got thousands and
thousands of young fans that have to learn about
what’s real when it comes to AIDS.” Wright was
recently married to Tomika Wood and they have a
one-year-old son. Wright co-founded N.W.A. with
Andre Young (Dr. Dre), O’Shea Jackson (Ice
Cube), Lorenzo Patterson (M.C. Ren) and Antione Carraby (DJ Yella).
Vanessa Williams gets the nod to sing the romantic ballad from Disney’s
upcoming animated feature “Pocahontas” for an upcoming album. Ms. Williams is
just ending a Broadway run as the lead in “The Kiss of the Spiderwoman.”
Paul McCartney confirms that the Beatles surviving members will release two
new songs at the end of the year in conjunction with their 10-hour TV
documentary, “The Beatles Anthology.”
VH1 premiere’s “Murder Incorporated” which reunites Bruce Springsteen with the
E Street Band. The video aired as part of “Bruce Springsteen Greatest Hits: The
Videos” a two-hour special.
Madonna records Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You” for “Inner City Blues” - a Gaye
tribute album.
Trent Reznor is taking a break from Nine Inch Nails after a
grueling tour.
Top albums -
Safe + Sound - DJ Quick
Greatest Hits - Bruce Springsteen
II - Boyz Ii Men
Dookie - Green day
Crazysexycool - TLC
Throwing Copper - Live

Week of March 12, 1995
My Life - Mary J. Blige
Hell Freezes Over - Eagles
No Need to Argue - Cranberries
Tuesday Night Music Club - Sheryl
Pop singles this week in 1995 -
Take A Bow - Madonna
Candy Rain - Soul For Real
Big Poppa - Notorious B.I.G.
Red Light Special - TLC
Foe the Love of $ - Bone Thugs
Dream About You/Funky Melody -
Stevie B.
If You Think You’re Lonely Now - K-Ci
Baby - Brandy
This is How - Montell Jordan
Creep - TLC
Top video rentals -
Clear and Present Danger
Natural Born Killers
True Lies
Lion King
Color of Night
It Could Happen To You
The Mask
Little Rascals
Top movies this week in 1995 -
Man of the House
Brady Bunch Movie
Just Cause
Pulp Fiction

Week of March 12, 1995
Forrest Gump
Billy Madison
Legends of the Fall
The Shawshank Redemption
The Madness of King
Nobody’s Fool
Boys on the Side