Week of June 17, 1965
Sixteen to twenty-one thousand more troops are being sent to Vietnam, boosting
overall U.S. strength there to around 75,000.
Eight Negroes, including two young civil rights leaders who were chased from the
House gallery less than four years ago, are elected to the State House of
Representatives. With two Negro senators in the Georgia General Assembly, it
gives the state the most Negro legislators in the land.
In gratitude for her father’s anti-poverty program, Lynda
Bird Johnson , (21) gets adopted by an Apache tribe The
President’s daughter received an Apache “camp dress” in
red, white and blue colors - handmade by Indian women.
In Algiers - an army-backed coup carries out ousted
President Ahmed Ben Bella and takes over power. A
declaration accused him of treason.
Scores of doctors strongly oppose the federal Medicare
plan as the American Medical Assn. begins searching for a response to that
program when it becomes law. Says an Ohio doctor - “Medicare is basically
against the American dream. It is the mark of socialism.”
A B-52 strategic bomber carrying hydrogen bombs crashes off Greenland while
attempting an emergency landing near Thule. Six of seven crewmen survived.
The Office of Economic Opportunity launches Project Head Start as an eight-
week summer program. Its belief - education is the solution to poverty.
Medical news - The wisdom of giving estrogen to prevent a bone-softening
condition in women past the change of life is
confirmed for the first time. Dr. M. Edward Davis,
who has been advocating this treatment for years,
tells the American Medical Assn. there can no
longer be any doubt that it works.
Hollywood News (63) - Passing - David O.
Selznick , producer of “Gone With the Wind” and
many other pictures - of a heart attack.
Marries for the sixth time - Lana Turner (44) - this
time to businessman Robert Eaton

Week of June 17, 1965
Marilyn Monroe’s $1 million estate has been wiped out by debts and taxes with
nothing left. Even the bills for care of the late actress’ mentally ill mother have not
been paid lately.
Nancy Sinatra (24), files suit to divorce
singer/actor Tommy Sands (28). In the action, she
complains that since their 1960 marriage, Sands
treated her with “extreme mental cruelty and has
inflicted grievous mental suffering.” Miss Sinatra
says she is not in need of alimony, but asked that
the court keep the matter open by ordering Sands
to pay $1 a month for four years.
Actor Yul Brynner renounces his American
citizenship by taking an oath of renunciation at the
American embassy at Berne, Switzerland. He was a naturalized American with
dual Swiss and American citizenship. His wife and daughter are Swiss citizens.
Television news - “Go Go” - a promising teen show
featuring record artists, is canceled by WABC-TV. The
show was hosted WABC radio DJ “Cousin” Bruce
Morrow, but was also originally hosted by DJ Scott
Muni along with Morrow, but Muni was fired by WABC
radio two weeks into the program. When it first came out
in January, it beat all its competitors in its time slot. No
one is really saying why the program was canceled. The
producers had visions of syndication when it debuted in
January. A spokesman for the station said that no one
was unhappy about the show - that it had done well both
in pulling advertising and ratings. The station is going with a full-color, action-
adventure series Monday through Friday in the same time slot.
Fred Gwynne says he really didn’t hesitate about taking
the lead roll in the Munsters: - “I think the main reason I
was interested in the part when I read the script is that
it’s so rare a person on TV can come out of one show
and do something quite different. And I liked the fact I
would be working in makeup and that I could bury (no
pun intended) myself in the part the same as I could if I

Week of June 17, 1965
was working in the theater. My only misgiving was that it meant working in TV
and not in the theater.”
Sylvester (Pat) Weaver, former chairman of the board of the National
Broadcasting Corp., says in an interview over WCBS Radio that color-TV is here
to stay. “Nothing can stop it.”
Speaking of color-TV - CBS, which less than four months ago had no color plans,
is preparing to broadcast 50% of its evening entertainment shows in color next
season. More than a third of the ABC shows will be in color and more than 95%
of NBC’s evening lineup will be in color.
Era of Instant Globel Sports begins - The Early Bird satellite beams 24 hours of
Le Mans, opening the era of instantaneous global electronic coverage of sports
events. Part of the car racing action could be seen on ABC Saturday
morning/afternoon of this week.
Beatles TV - On the syndicated “Merv Griffin Show” this week - John Lennon.
He’s sure to talk about his new book “A Spaniard in the Works.” It’s his second
published book.
TV Mail -
“What is Jose Jiminez doing now that his show is off the air? He was the funniest
character on TV.” ... Jose, or Bill Dana is head of his own Bill Dana Productions
in Hollywood and is working on a new comedy series for CBS.
“Is it true that Wagon Train won’t be on next season?” ... Wagon Train has
reached the end of the trail.
“Is there really such an organization as U.N.C.L.E. where the man is from?” ...
No. It exists only in the imaginations of the writers.
“Are Robert Horton and Robert Goulet the same person? ... Horton, who starred
in Wagon Train, is now a singer, but he’s no Robert Goulet.
“Is the man who stars in the new CBS series Secret Agent an Englishman or
Irishman? ... Take your choice: Patrick McGoohan was born in New York City,
raised in Ireland, and educated in England.
“Please Tell Me where the Mike Douglas Show originates and how many cities

Week of June 17, 1965
get the show? ... Mike’s show is an oddity because it’s a 90-minute variety show
that doesn’t come from New York or Hollywood. He has been based in Cleveland
since 1961 and has an outlet in 42 cities.
“Does Jim Nabors of Gomer Pyle talk like that in real life? ... He has a drawl, but
exaggerates it on TV.
“I heard that Michael Landon of Bonanza was once married to Irene Ryan of the
Beverly Hillbillies. is it true?” ... People hear the oddest things! Although granny
keeps her age secret, it’s a safe bet that Landon, at least 20 years her junior,
was never her husband.
Saturday Morning television -
CBS - Mister Mayor with Bob Keeshan, Alvin Show,
Tennessee Tuxedo Cartoons, Quick Draw McGraw,
Mighty Mouse Playhouse, Linus the Lionhearted, The
Jetsons, Sky King, My Friend Flicka
NBC - Crusader Rabbit , Top Cat, Hector Heathcote,
Underdog, Fireball XL-5, Dennis the Menace, Fury
ABC - Via Early Bird: Le Mans Grand Prix of endurance
from France. Jim McKay hosts.
Saturday Night television -
CBS - Fanfare, Gilligan’s Island, Secret Agent,
NBC - Flipper, Kentucky Jones, Mr. Magoo, NBC
Saturday Night At The Movies
ABC - The King Family, The Lawrence Welk Show, Hollywood Palace
The Hollywood Palace - David Janssen, Edie Adams, Vic Damone, Carl Reiner,
Mel Brooks, Tim Conway, Harlem Globe Trotters
At the movies -
The Girls On The Beach - Noreen Corcoran, Martin West, The Crickets, The
Beach Boys, Lesley Gore
Fluffy - Tony Randall, Shirley Jones, Edward Andrews, Howard Morris, Jim
Backus, Ernest Truex, Frank Faylen, Dick Sargent, Celia Kaye, Adam Roarke
What’s New Pussycat ? - Peter Sellers, Peter O’Toole, Romy Schneider,
Capucine, Paula Prentiss, Woody Allen, Ursula Andress

Week of June 17, 1965
Die! Die! My Darling ! - Tallulah Bankhead, Stefanie Powers, Maurice Kaufman,
Yootha Joyce, Peter Vaughan, Donald Sutherland
Operation Crossbow - Sophia Loren, George Peppard, Trevor Howard, John
Mills, Richard Johnson, Tom Courtenay
Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors
Cat Ballou - Jane Fonda, Lee Marvin, Michael Callan, Dwayne Hickman, Nat
King Cole, Stubby Kaye
Von Ryan’s Express - Frank Sinatra, Trevor Howard, Raffaella Carra, Brad
Dexter, Serio Fantoni, John Leyton, Edward Mulhare, Wolfgang Preiss
The Yellow Rolls Royce - Ingrid Berman, Rex Harrison, Alain Delon, George C.
Scott, Jeanne Moreau, Omar Sharif, Shirley MacLaine
The Knack - Rita Tushingham, Ray Brooks, Michael Crawford, Donal Donnelly
Genghis Khan - Stephen Boyd, James Mason, Eli Wallach, Francoise Dorleac,
Telly Savalas, Robert Morley, Yvonne Mitchell, Omar Shariff
The Eye of the Needle - Vittorio Gassman, Annette Stroyberg, Gerard Blain
How To Murder Your Wife - Jack Lemmon, Virna Lisi, Claire Trevor, Eddie
Mayehoff, Terry-Thomas
Goldfinger - Sean Connery, Honor Blackman
The Train - Burt Lancaster, Paul Scofield
Mirage - Gregory Peck, Diane Baker, Walter Matthau, Kevin McCarthy, Jack
Weston, Leif Erickson
The Hallelujah Trail - Burt Lancaster, Lee Remick, Jim Hutton, Pamela Tiffin,
Donald Pleasence, Brian Keith, Martin Landau
Music - “Having A Wild Weekend,” the Dave Clark Five’s first full-length film, will
be the title of an Epic (Records) album to be released shortly. The film will have
its U.S. premiere next week. The Dave Clark Five arrives in the U.S. this week
for a promotional tour and guest shots on the “Ed Sullivan,” “Dean Martin” and
“Shindig” TV programs...
RCA Victor has signed Suzy Wallis, 14-year-old vocalist discovered by Lorne
Green, and the label may team them on a single
The first single is released by Dunhill Records - “My Prayer”/ “Pretty Please” by
Shelley Fabares.
More music - Frank Sinatra Jr. joins dad and sister Nancy as an artist on Reprise
Records. His first release is “You Were Meant For Me.”

Week of June 17, 1965
The Kinks are in the U.S. for eight weeks of touring.
More music - Grand Ol’ Opry star Ira Louvin (41) is
killed in a car wreck near Nashville, making him the
seventh hillbilly musician to die in accidents in the last
three years. Louvin and his brother, Charles, were
known as the top vocal
group in country sacred music from 1951 to 1956.
Easy listening - Epic Records releases “The Bob
Dylan Song Book” by the Golden Gate Strings.
“Listen and thrill to the music of Bob Dylan in a
manner never before presented on records!”
Beatles news - Capitol Records is rush releasing the album “Beatles VI” in an
effort to stimulate record dealer traffic. Capitol says the album was created
expressly for the American market and features four new songs never available
anywhere and four titles never released in the U.S. The remaining three songs
have been previously been issued.
More Beatles - “Help!” - will premiere July 29 at London’s Pavilion Theater,
Piccadilly Circus.
Beatles/Radio - Since KRLA has once again, sewn-up the Beatles at the
Hollywood Bowl, rival KFWB isn’t sitting on the fence. It’s telling its listeners to
see the Beatles in San Diego at Balboa Stadium - August 28.
More radio news - Don McGannon, president of Westinghouse, says that its
Philadelphia AM station - now known as WRCV (1060), will begin broadcasting
news 24 hours a day within 6 weeks. The call letters of KYW and KYW-TV, which
Westinghouse had used in Cleveland, will be transferred to the stations in
Philadelphia. Westinghouse is having favorable response to all-news WINS, New
York which switched April 19.
Radio news - Ron Lundy is named operations manager of WIL - St. Louis
Radio wars - Since WINS went all-news in April, New York’s remaining rockers
have been going at it - head to head. It’s the WMCA Goodguys Vs the WABC
All-Americans. They’re the only two places on the New York dial to hear top-40.
The post-WINS Pulse ratings show the stations neck-in-neck - WABC at a 16.5

Week of June 17, 1965
and WMCA at a 16.3 rating. But WMCA has about one-third the signal of WABC,
so it performs much better and is more popular around New York City. WABC
performs better with no WMCA competition - in the outlying suburbs.
WMCA is running a “Goodguy Derby” contest where you have the guess the
WMCA Goodguy who will win his race “in the sport of kings.” Go-Go radio,
WABC is doing a “prize of the day” A prize a day goes into the “Go Go Grab Bag”
for end-week awarding. Both stations are expected to do even better this year,
not only because WINS is out of the game, but because more money will be
spent on teens this summer in radio advertising. WMCA is at 57 and WABC 77
on your radio dial. Both stations are battling airplay of the new Beatles album -
“Beatles VI” - and both stations are saying they had the exclusive on the album
(Actually, WABC had the album three hours before WMCA did - a rarity. WMCA
usually scoops WABC on most records, including the Beatles.)
Top-40 wars - Milwaukee - WRIT (1340) Vs. WOKY (920). Popular DJ’s at
WOKY - Bob Barry, Barney Pip, Skip Bell... WRIT - Lee Rothman, Eddie
Doucette, Jack Fallo, Pat Shanahan, King Zbornik
Top-40 wars - Dallas - KLIF (1190) Vs. KBOX (1480) ... KLIF - Charlie Brown &
Irving Harrigan, Ken Dowe, Jimmy Rabbit ... KBOX - Rex Miller and Frank Jolle.
More Top-40 - WIFE dominates Indianapolis with DJ’s Bob Lyons, Reb Porter,
Jack Sunday, Jay Reynolds, Joe Light, Tom Mathis
If you want to write to Brian Epstein, you can contact him at his NEMS
Enterprises -
NEMS Enterprises Limited,
Sutherland House,
5/6 Argyll Street
London, W1
Top Records in Britain -
Long Live Love - Sandi Shaw
The Price of Love - Everly Brothers
The Clapping Song - Shirley Ellis
Where Are You Now - Jackie Trent
True Love Ways - Peter and Gordon
Trains And Boats And Planes - Burt Bacharach
This Little Bird - Marianne Faithfull
Poor Man’s Son - Rockin’ Berries
A World Of Our Own - Seekers

Week of June 17, 1965
Marie - Bachelors
Set Me Free - Kinks
Trains and Boats And Planes - Billy J. Kramer
Favorite Country Singles -
What’s He Doing In My World - Eddy Arnold
Ribbon of Darkness - Marty Robbins
Engine, Engine #9 - Roger Miller
Before You Go - Buck Owens
Girl On A Billboard - Del Reeves
This Is It - Jim Reeves
I’ll Keep Holding On - Sonny James
Things Have Gone To Pieces - George Jones
Matamoros - Billy Walker
Favorite Albums -
Mary Poppins - soundtrack
Dear Heart - Andy Williams
My Name is Barbara - Barbra Streisand
The Sound of Music - soundtrack
Girl Happy - Elvis Presley
Kinks-Size - Kings
The Beach Boys Today!
Goldfinger - soundtrack
Blue Midnight - Bert Kaempfert
Bringing It All Back Home - Bob
The Return of Roger Miller
My Fair Lady - soundtrack
Red Roses For A Blue Lady -
Wayne Newton
Fiddler on the Roof - Original
The Rolling Stones Now!
Where Did Our Love Go -
A Song Will Rise - Peter, Paul &
Ramblin’ Rose - Nat King Cole