Week of February 10, 1954
President and Mrs. Eisenhower arrive in
Palm Springs for some rest and
relaxation. “We have looked forward a
long time to this trip are delighted to be
here.” He’s the first president ever to visit
Palm Springs.
On the television show “Meet The Press”
- Senator Joseph McCarthy defines
“McCarthyism” ... “McCarthyism as the
daily worker uses it, is anyone who tries
to dig out a Communist.”
A winter “heat wave” hits the northeast. It was warmer in New York (65) and
Chicago (69), then Los Angeles (61) and Phoenix (53).
While husband Joe DiMaggio is in Japan coaching ball teams, wife Marilyn
Monroe arrives in Korea to entertain the troops there. “I’ve never seen so many
men in my life. I am just sorry Joe couldn’t come along.
Jackie Gleason - in the hospital with a broken
leg - gets into a triangle in a squabble between
his estranged wife and dancer Marilyn Taylor.
His wife dropped by his room, but Taylor was
already there. “Do you love my husband?” ... “I
do very much. And I want you to know I didn’t
start going around with him until you had
separated.” The New York Mirror says that
Gleason was so mad - he demanded a divorce
from his wife. They’ve been separated for 18
months. Taylor is a dancer on his CBS
television show.
New at the mart - Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks. “Better ‘n ever puffs of wheat...
sugar-toasted and candy-sweet!”
New at the mart - Jell-O instant pudding - no cooking. “You can make and serve
it at the very last minute! Ready to eat in minutes! And Oh So Good! Wonderful
new texture, light ‘n creamy-delicious. Nourishing for kids too, keep several
packages handy always.”

Week of February 10, 1954
At the mart - Cocoa Marsh - 16oz jar - .27 ... Cole Slaw - 8oz cello bag .10 ...
Potatoes - 15lb bag - .37 ... Legs of Lamb - .69lb ... Reynold’s Wrap - 25 foot roll
- .27.
Television station WBKB-TV (channel 7) in Chicago fires comedian Jack Eagan
who does a live show on the station - over a long kiss on the program. Eagan
had starlet Cleo Moore on his show - wanting to find out “how they do it in
Hollywood.” The pair kissed for more than 2 minutes. The station received
hundreds of protests, charging the host with “vulgarity, “coarseness” and “bad
taste.” “I have no guilty conscience. I have been very happily married for 18
years to a very wonderful little lady who knew what I had planned for the
program. If she had thought there was anything unladylike or rude in it, she
would have told me.”
At the sixth annual Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awards in Los
Angeles - here are some of the winners:
“I Love Lucy” is named best situation comedy
Best variety program - “Omnibus” - CBS
Best dramatic program - “U.S. Steel Hour” - ABC
Best news program - “See It Now’ - CBS
Best children’s program - “ Kukla, Fran and
Ollie” - NBC
Best actor - of a regular series - Donald
O’Connor - “The Comedy Hour.”
Best supporting actor of a regular series - Art
Carney - “The Jackie Gleason Show.”
Best actress of a regular series - Eve Arden
of “Our Miss Brooks.”
Best supporting actress of a regular series -
Vivian Vance - “I Love Lucy.”
On receiving her Emmy from actor Richard
Denning at the awards, Vivian Vance tells
the audience “I want to thank the greatest
straight woman in show business, Lucille

Week of February 10, 1954
Twentieth Century-Fox brings a $2 million suit against actor Marlon Brando for
walking out of the picture “The Egyptian.”
Marries - Vincente Minnelli - former husband of Judy Garland - to Georgette
CBS-TV’s answer to NBC-TV’s “The Today Show” will make its debut March 15
with Walter Cronkite, former CBS White House correspondent. The accent on the
new show, previously titled “ Eye Opener ,” will be on news and information,
rather than entertainment. The show will go through a dry run the week of March
8. Competing with Dave Garroway’s chimp J. Fred Muggs, “Eye Opener” will
have the Baird puppets strictly for entertainment. CBS correspondent Charles
Collingwood will handle news, while Cronkite will handle interviews. Plus, the
show will feature a newsworthy guest each day.
Today Show host Dave Garroway is badly cut in an
automobile accident while filming a commercial in Miami.
The commercial was to illustrate power steering. Garroway
ran a stop sign, crossed in front of a moving car and got
clobbered. The car came to rest on top of a lawn sprinkler.
“The only thing I remember is hearing the squeal of brakes.
The next thing I remember is being in a field with water
running over me. I thought at first it was blood.” Garroway
wished the cameraman recorded his expression when he was it.
Musician Stan Getz (27) is arrested at his hotel in Seattle after attempting to hold
up a nearby pharmacy. A police officer said the musician admitted orally going
there to get narcotics. Later in his jail cell, detectives found him unconscious in
what doctors later described as “acute heroin intoxication.” His condition is critical
but improving.
In The Saturday Evening Post - “This Is On Me” by Bob Hope as told to Pete
Martin “Bob has always lived at a laugh-a-minute pace… as
a juvenile pool shark… a semi-pro track star trying to out run
a dollar… as an amateur boxer. Then Bob chucked a
promising career as a chicken plucker to become a hoofer in
Hurley’s Jolly Follies, and show business hasn’t been the
same since!”
Eight-year old actress Lauren Chapin wins approval for a
contract that will co-star her in a new series - “Father Knows

Week of February 10, 1954
Best” - starring Robert Young and Jane Wyatt. Chapin along with Eleanor
Donahue (17) and Billy Gray (16) won approval by a judge at $250 per week for
seven years.
Paul Tripp, who has been off television since “Mr. I.
Magination” left the air in 1952 is coming back in something
called “Paul Tripp’s Party” on CBS. It’ll be a color show and
only three eastern stations are involved for the time being -
New York, Baltimore and Washington. Look for a March 2
start at 5:30pm.
The Allen B. Du Mont Laboratories announce they will
terminate the operation of their television station in Kansas
City - KCTY channel 25 on February 28. Like most UHF stations now on the air -
the station couldn’t compete with other VHF’s in the market.
The Empire State Building wants a new five-year deal with the seven television
stations whose transmitters sit atop the structure. Syndicate head Roger
Stevens, who bought the building a little while ago, seeks $200,000 per year from
each station, up from the current $75,000. Two stations - WATV (Channel 13)
and WOR-TV (channel 9) are new to the building and they may have difficulties
meeting the new fees.
There’s a new UHF station in Asbury Park - WRTV (channel 58) and it’s trying to
make a go of it. With seven New York VHF stations breathing down its back, the
station has elected to produce local programming. Over 50 local organizations
embracing a total membership of 137,000 were approached and given airtime to
present programs of local interest. Angle will be “oh, there’s cousin Kate” or “a,
come quick, Johnny is on TV.” Tommy Tucker, a local resident and bandleader
has been signed to do a local show and the mayor of Long Branch, Alexander
Vineberg, will do a weekly report. Good luck!
WNYC radio (New York) does a tribute to Maj. Edwin H.
Armstrong, the inventor and developer of FM radio. Mr.
Armstrong plunged from a New York building on February
1. His suicide was traced to strained marital relations and a
mass of litigation with major manufacturers over patent
rights. His most recent development was perfection of the
“piggy back” (multiplexing) method of transmitting three FM
signals on one frequency (this eventually opened the door
to FM stereo).

Week of February 10, 1954
Ad touting newcomer Andy Griffith and his second
single “Romeo and Juliet Parts 1 and 2

Week of February 10, 1954
Top daytime television shows according to Trendex:
Howdy Dowdy - 15.8
Pinky Lee - 13.0
Arthur Godfrey - 10.8
Strike It Rich - 9.8
House Party - 8.9
Big Payoff - 8.1
Guiding Light - 7.9
Search For Tomorrow - 7.5
Valiant Lady - 7.2
On Your Account - 7.0
Love of Life - 6.8
Bob Crosby - 6.7
Garry Moore - 6.6
Double or Nothing - 6.5
Kate Smith - 5.4
Atom Squad - 5.1
Bride and Groom - 5.0
Ding Dong School - 4.8
Welcome Travelers - 3.2
Today - 3.0
Hawkins Falls - 3.0
Three Steps To Heaven - 2.8
The Bennetts - 2.8
Kate Smith - 2.4
Friday Night Television - CBS - Perry Como Show, I Remember Mama, Topper,
Playhouse of Stars, Our Miss Brooks, My Friend Irma, Person to Person ... NBC
- Dave Garroway Show, Life Of Riley, Big Story, Soundstate, Boxing ... ABC -
Ozzie and Harriet, Play, The Paul Hartman Show
Mama - stars Peggy Wood
Topper - stars Anne Jeffreys and Leo G.
Our Miss Brooks - stars Eve Arden.
This Sunday on Ed Sullivan’s “Toast Of
The Town” on CBS - it’s a salute to

Week of February 10, 1954
MGM’s thirtieth anniversary. Catch these
stars in person: Dore Schary, Fred Astaire, Lucille
Ball - Desi Arnaz, Lionel Barrymore, Anne Blyth ,
Cyd Charisse, Van Johnson, Howard Keel, Gene
Kelly, Ann Miller, Walter Pidegeon, Jane Powell,
Edmund Purdom, Debbie Reynolds, Lana Turner,
Esther Williams.
Pop music this week in 1954 -
Secret Love - Doris Day
Oh! My Pa-Pa - Eddie Fisher
Stranger In Paradise - Tony Bennett
The Gang That Sang Heart Of My Heart - Four Aces
Till We Two Are One - Georgie Shaw
Till Then” - The Hilltoppers
From The Vine Came The Grape - The Gaylords
Somebody Bad Stole Da Wedding Bell - Eartha Kitt
Changing Partners - Patty Page
Bell Bottom Blues - Teresa Brewer
Sadie Thompson’s Song - Richard Hyman
Two Purple Shadows - Jerry Vale.
At the movies -
The Eddie Cantor Story - Keefe Brasselle, Marilyn
Taza, Son Of Cochise - Rock Hudson, Barbara Rush
Ride Clear Of Diablo ! - Audie Murphy, Dan Duryea,
Susan Cabot, Abbe Lane
Wicked Woman - Beverly Michaels,
Richard Egan
The Long, Long Trailer - Lucille Ball,
Desi Arnaz, Marjorie Main, Keenan
The Glenn Miller Story - James
Stewart, June Allyson
Top Banana - Phil Silvers, Rose Marie
Walt Disney’s “Rob Roy ” - Richard
Todd, Glynis Johns
Money From Home - Dean Martin,
Jerry Lewis, Marjie Millar, Pat Crowley

Week of February 10, 1954
The Command - Guy Madison, Joan Weldon
The Bigamis t - Joan Fontaine, Edmond O’Brien, Ida Lupino, Edmund Gwenn
King of the Khyber Rifles - Tyronne Power, Terry Moore, Michael Rennie