Week of February 1, 1979
Sara Jane Moore , who was convicted of trying to
assassinate President Ford four years ago, is recaptured
after a brief escape from the federal reformatory in
Alderson, West Virginia. Moore climbed a 12 ft chain-link
fence to make her escape. She was captured after 4
Arriving from Paris, Ayatollah Khomaini returns from exile
to an enthusiastic welcome in Tehran and declares his
anti-shah revolution will not be complete until U.S.
influence is expelled from Iran.
Patty Hearst walks out of prison in California a free
woman. She showed her greeters her Executive Grant
Of Clemency and was wearing a red shirt with the words
“pardon me.” “”I’ve learned a lot about people... and
been in lots of unusual situations for a person my age.
I’ve been through an awful lot.”
Concerned for Iran’s cutoff of oil, President Carter
orders federal agencies to reduce thermostat settings,
lighting, vehicle use and energy-hungry research. The
last oil tanker from Iran already has arrived.
Ethel Kennedy, widow of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, is ordered to stand trial next
month on charges that she defaulted on payment of a $535 catering bill in Aspen.
Nelson A. Rockefeller is eulogized at Riverside Church in New York. The
invitation-only gathering of 2,500 persons included President and Mrs. Carter,
Ambassadors from 44 nations, delegations from the Senate, House plus a group
of governors. Martin Luther King Sr. said a prayer with Henry Kissinger and
David Rockefeller sharing their remembrances in separate eulogies. Rockefeller
died last Friday of a heart attack at 70. His ashes were interred at the family
estate at Pocantico Hills (North Tarrytown), New York, just north of New York
Disney and MCA sue Sony, claiming that Sony’s Betamax videotape machine
encourages individuals to make unauthorized taped copies at home, violating the
studio’s copyright.

Week of February 1, 1979
Recently, Disney licensed MCA to distribute several if its films on its videodisc
format. Disney recently turned down offers to show several of its films on cable.
One company (Qube), operating a tv system in Columbus offered $10 to $15
thousand per film. Disney turned them down after hearing that several Qube
subs had videotape recorders.
In Oklahoma City, an Indian Medicine Man sues Coors and a Tavern owner,
saying they were negligent in their “failure to warn the plaintiff that consumption
of Coors beer should do irreparable damage to his brain, practically pickling the
mind so that he would be unable to think clearly, especially when writing his

Week of February 1, 1979
If you fly on TWA in February and March - two kids less than 12 fly free (for each
adult). So a family of six can fly for the price of two!
A new 1979 Pontiac Phoenix - just $5695.
Watergate conspirator G. Gordon Liddy, loses his bid for forgiveness of his $40
thousand fine. Liddy is currently writing a spy novel to raise money. “I was
convicted. I’m not a whiner and a complainer, I just don’t do it. But I had hoped
that they would make my fine equal to that of those above me, which was $10
thousand at most.”
Bianca Jagger (31) files for divorce from
Mick in Los Angeles. She seeks $13,400 a
month temporary support, half of $25 million
he made while they were together plus an
extra $9000 to pay clothing bills to two
clothing designers. They have one daughter
(7), Jade. The couple were wed in 1971 in
St. Tropez, France.
Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols
is found dead in his New York
apartment by his mother and girlfriend. A day before, Vicious was
released from city jail on $50 thousand bail, accused of killing his
longtime girlfriend (Nancy Spungeon) on October 12. Spungeon
was stabbed in the stomach. According to police, Vicious was
celebrating his release from jail with friends. A syringe and spoon
were found near the body. Vicious’ real name was John Simon
Bestsellers include - “War and Remembrance - Herman Wouk, “Chesapeake” -
James A. Michener, “Lauren Bacall By Myself” - Lauren Bacall, “Mommie
Dearest” - Christina Crawford.
Thursday Night TV - CBS - Special - Mr. Horn, Barnaby Jones ... NBC - Special -
Circus Super Heroes, Quincy ... ABC - Mork & Mindy, Debut-Makin’ It, Barney
Miller, Soap, Family.
PBS - Nova, Palestine Documentary
Mr. Horn (special) stars David Carradine, Richard Widmark and Karen Black.
Circus Super Heroes - hosted by Bruce Jenner

Week of February 1, 1979
Makin’ It - new series starring David Naughton.
Barney Miller - Miller releases he’s “middle-aged” after he acquires reading
Quincy - Quincy befriends a college student with an odd and illegal way of
weaning drug abusers from their habits.

Week of February 1, 1979
Friday night this week

Week of February 1, 1979
Radio news - Frankie Crocker’s WBLS-FM is back on top of the ratings after
taking a big hit from disco WKTU-FM. Crocker is playing a mix of disco and R &
B. He says New York has gone disco crazy and is a big believer in it.
“Department stores have disco departments. The clothing industry has gotten
into it. Night clubs are opening up.” Crocker says disco represents a new culture
that transcends color and age groups.
WXKS-FM becomes the second Boston station to flip to disco - the other is
Los Angeles has two disco stations - KIIS-FM (102.7) and KUTE (101.9).
97K - KCBS-FM (97.3) San Francisco
drops mellow rock for high-energy
rock, using the moniker “Monster FM.”
Low ratings cause a new programming
shift at 93/KHJ as John Sebastian exits
and Chuck Martin becomes the new program director. KHJ’s ratings are now at a
2.7 (12+). KHJ sat at a 5.4 before sliding to its last level. Martin says he’s taking
the station back to “true top-40.” The disc jockey will once again become a
personality and will be spotlighted. The four-record music sweeps are gone and
the dj’s will announce every record played.
WBEN replaces WKBW as Buffalo’s most listened-to station. WBEN gets a 13.9
rating - up from 12.9 and WKBW dropped to a 12.5 from a 16.5.
Music news -
For the first time in their 15 years of
playing together, The Grateful Dead
schedule a tour to coincide with a
new album release. They’ve been
touring for a few months, ever since
“Shakedown Street” was released in

Week of February 1, 1979
Pop music this week in 1979 -
Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? - Rod Stewart
YMCA - The Village People
I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
My Life - Billy Joel
Too Much Heaven - The Bee Gees
Fire - The Pointer Sisters
Heaven Knows - Donna Summer
Le Freak - Chic
A Little More Love - Olivia Newton John
Soul Man - The Blues Brothers
Lotta Love - Nicolette Larson
Somewhere In The Night - Barry Manilow
Every 1’s A Winner - Hot Chocolate.
Top Albums -
52nd Street - Billy Joel
Blondes Have More Fun - Rod Stewart
Cruisin - The Village People
The Best Of Earth, Wind and Fire, Vol. 1
Briefcase Full Of Blues - The Blues
Totally Hot - Olivia Newton John
Spirits Having Flown - The Bee Gees
Backless - Eric Clapton
Barry Manilow’s Greatest Hits
C ‘Est Chic - Chic
Totally Hot - Olivia Newton John
Toto - Toto
Backless - Eric Clapton
Minute By Minute - Doobie Brothers
Dire Straights - Dire Straights
Love Tracks - Gloria Gaynor
Armed Forces - Elvis Costello
Greatest Hits Vol II - Barbara
Energy - Pointer Sisters
Dog and Butterfly - Heart
Motor Booty Affair - Parliament
Here, My Dear - Marvin Gaye
Nicolette - Nicolette Larson

Week of February 1, 1979
Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn
Country -
The Gambler - Kenny Rogers
Why Have You Left The One You Left
For Me - Crystal Gayle
Every Which Way But Loose - Eddie
I Really Got The Feeling - Dolly Parton
Back On My Mind Again - Ronnie Milsap
I’ll Wake You Up When I Get Home -
Charlie Rich
Come On In - Oak Ridge Boys
Top Soul this week in 1979 -
Bustin Loose - Chuck Brown & The Soul
Aqua Boogie - Parliament
I’m So Into You - Peabro Bryson
It’s All In The Live - Lakeside
September - Earth, Wind & Fire
Shake Your Groove Thing - Peaches & Herb
Top hits in Britain -
Heart of Glass - Blondie
Woman In Love - Three Degrees
Chiquita - Abba
Don’t Cry For Me Argentina - Shadows
September - Earth, Wind & Fire
Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick - Ian Dury
Car 67, Driver 76 - Logo
A Little More Love - Olivia Newton John
My Life - Billy Joel
I Was Made For Dancin’ - Leif Carret
YMCA - Village People
At the movies -
Every Which Way But Loose - Clint Eastwood, Sandra Locke.
The Late Great Planet Earth - Orson Welles
Up In Smoke - Cheech N Chong

Week of February 1, 1979
The Great Train Robbery - Sean Connery, Donald Sutherland
California Suite - Alan Alda, Michael Caine, Bill Cosby