Week of December 8, 1961
The United States says there is a “clear and present danger of Communist
conquest” in South Vietnam and urges other nations to help the country defend
itself from guerrilla attacks.
Two U.N. jet planes attack the post office in the middle of Elisabethville with
incendiary shells and rockets as Katangan troops assemble for a new attack on
U.N. headquarters. There is serious damage, but no casualties.
A three-judge Israeli court announces it has convicted
Adolf Eichmann on all 15 counts of an indictment
charging him with mass murder of millions of Jews.
Twelve of the counts carry a possible death penalty.
In Tokyo - Thirteen men including industrialists, former
military officers and a former general are arrested in
connection with what police call a right-wing plot to
assassinate Prime Minister Ikeda.
Secretary of the Navy John B. Connally resigns his
Pentagon job to run for the governorship of Texas.
President Kennedy accepted the resignation “with great regret” and promptly
names another Texas, Fred Korth, an Ft Worth banker.
Ham radio operators are happy this week as OSCAR (Orbiting satellite Carrying
Amateur Radio) is sent into space, hitchhiking on the tall end of the 25-ft
discoverer XXXVI satellite. OSCAR will send out four dots and two dots,
international code for “Hi” - 10 times a minute as long as its batteries last,
probably 30 days.
At a session of the Supreme Soviet legislature, the Russian Communications
Minister has complained that there are still 500,000 apartments in Moscow that
do not have phones; 60% of the television sets break down within the six-month
guarantee and that only two model TV sets have been produced in the last two
years. Only 80 million of the Soviet Union’s 220 million is reached by the 6 million
TV sets now in use. Radio sets fare better - with 62 million of them in use. But
when they break down, parts are often unavailable. So far, the Soviet Union
hasn’t made any of the durable and dependable transistor radios.

Week of December 8, 1961
President Kennedy establishes the President’s Commission on the Status of
Women. It will monitor and recommend policies on female employment, social
insurance, labor/tax laws and legal treatment.
James R. Hoffa says his Teamsters Union intends to ignore President Kennedy’s
call to organized labor for responsibility in collective bargaining in order to keep
the nation’s economy in balance. Mr. Kennedy made appeals in speeches to the
AFL-CIO convention in Florida to keep wage gains within the overall increase in
productivity as the way to avoid inflation. “We won’t go along with it. We’re not
going to freeze wages and that’s what this amounts to. We won’t have any part of
Fallout shelters - In a Gallup poll -
many people feel that they would lose
their lives in a nuclear attack even if
they were in a fallout shelter. Many also
fear that even if they did live through
such an attack, a scene of vast
desolation and destruction would greet
them when they emerged from the
shelter - that life “just wouldn’t be worth
living” in the aftermath.
Passing - Grandma Moses (101),
paintings of
rural scenes
made her
one of
most famous artists, died in her nursing home at
Hoosick Falls, NY. Real name - Anna Mary Robertson
Moses. She had been confined to the nursing home
since mid-summer as the result of a fall at her nearby
Eagle Bridge home. Her doctor said cause of death
was ascribed to hardening of the arteries.
Best selling books -
Little Me - Patrick Dennis
Franny and Zooey - J.D. Salinger

Week of December 8, 1961
Spirit Lake - MacKinlay Kantor
The Carpetbaggers - Harold Robbins
The Agony and the Ecstasy - Irving Stone
To Kill A Mockingbird - Harper Lee
Calories Don’t Count - Herman Taller, MD
My Life in Court - Louis Nizer
Ishi - Theordora Kroeber
The Coming Fury - Bruce Cotton
Living Free - Joy Adamson
Picasso’s Picassos
Appearing in Las Vegas
Minksy Follies - New Frontier
Harry Belafonte - Riviera
Brenda Lee - Sahara
Joey Bishop - Sands
Milton Berle - Desert Inn
Flower Drum Song - Thunderbird
Divorce - actress Rhonda Fleming (37) from actor Lang Jeffries after a marriage
of 16 months and 16 days.
Movie news - Alfred E. Neuman of “Mad” magazine is
starring in his first film - “Mad.” In the movie - producer
Al Levy of Talent Associates says the character goes
all over the world in search of sanity. He never opens
his mouth - he’s just an observer. In his hunt, he runs
across some of the biggest Hollywood stars.
Basketball - Wilt (The Stilt) Chamberlain of the
Philadelphia Warriors sets a total point record of 78 on
31 field goals and 16 free throws. The 31 field goals is
a new record. In a three-overtime game - The Los Angeles Lakers beat the
Warriors - 151-147.
Sports - As pitching records for the ‘61 baseball season
are released - Warren Spahn of the Milwaukee Braves
wins the earned run championship for the third time;
pitched the most complete games for the seventh time;
tied for the lead in most victories and shutouts had the

Week of December 8, 1961
only no-hitter and extended tow of this prized records while winning 21 games
and losing 13.
Now at bookstores - “Before I Sleep” - the last days of Dr. Tom Dooley.
Music news - “Rock Around The Clock” by Bill Haley and the Comets is still
going strong. For one, it’s been slotted for its 15 th picture display in Jerry Lewis’
“Errand Boy.” Other films which the song appeared include “Blackboard Jungle,”
“10,000 Bedrooms,” and “reluctant debutante.” So far, “Rock Around the Clock”
has been recorded in over 35 languages and has 140 different recorded
versions. The Bill Haley version alone has sold some 14 million copies.
Music - Atlantic Records is releasing “The Greatest Twist Hits” - 16 Twist
numbers by 14 artists. The record is being billed as a Twist party set with the
Mark-Keys, Ray Charles, Laverne Baker, the Bobbettes, Big Joe Turner, Clyde
McPhatter, King Curtis, Solomon Burke, the Clovers and others.
More “Twist” news - Hank Ballard wrote the Twist and Chubby Checker put into
the stratosphere, but according to Lou Levy, publishing head of Leeds Music, the
Twist was around before either one of them. In Levy’s catalog, there’s a tune
called ‘The Fowler Twist” written by Lemuel Fowler in 1922.
More Twist - neat record promotion.
With all these Twist records being
released, how does one stand out?
Roulette Records has come up with an
in-store tie-in to promote its “Doin’ The
Twist at the Peppermint Lounge” album
and its soundtrack album “Hey, Let’s
Twist With Joe Dee.” Sta-Well Hats has
manufactured a special Twist hat and
they’ll be given away with some album
purchases. Hats are limited so hurry!
Television news - ABC-TV renews
“Leave It To Beaver” for another year. 39
episodes are ordered from Gomalco
ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” kicks off its second season on ABC-TV January 7
and the show says it will present 16 sports events from all over the globe. The

Week of December 8, 1961
lineup for the new season includes the Oxford-Cambridge boat race and the
Grand National Horse Race, both from England, plus numerous skiing and water
events from such points as Prague, Hawaii, Germany etc.
Supercar ” a new kind of kid’s program,
will make its American debut over New
York’s WPIX-TV (Channel 11) January 6.
Produced by ATV and A.P. Films,
London, the characters in the show are
life-sized marionettes, presented through
a process called super marionation
which allows for natural movement.
Gerry Anderson is the producer. (This
would begin a string of super
marionation shows for kids through the
decade including Fireball XL-5, Stingray,
Planet Patrol and others.)
Prime time cartoon fad fading/Shortage of cartoon talent - Hanna-Barbera
admits that the 1961 TV season has been a flop for new prime time cartoon
series. Neither H-B’s “Top Cat” or any of the other new animation shows have
scored. William Barbera sites two reasons - “From Mondays through Thursdays,
animation shows shouldn’t be on after 8pm and I don’t think there is enough
talent around to make these shows.” He says that H-B is setting up a training
course to develop animators, writers and others needed for cartoon entries. “For
15 years, not one new person was trained for this business. Movie cartoons were
going downhill during that period. Consequently, people left the business to write
comic books, become artists, and turn to other fields. So suddenly, we are faced
with a great shortage in talent, writing, all the means we need for animation.”
This Sunday - Dick Van Dyke will host this year’s presentation of “The Wizard of
Oz” on CBS-TV. Dick will host with his children Barry, Chris and Stacey. CBS
has shown the movie three times before, but this is the first year it will not be
broadcast in color. CBS has a strict color TV policy - sponsors have to pay for it.
Steve Allen asks ABC-TV to release him from his television contract three
months ahead of schedule - December 31.
Monday Night Television -
CBS - Douglas Edwards with the News, To Tell the Truth, Pete and Gladys,
Window on Main Street, Danny Thomas Show, Andy Griffith Show, Hennesey,

Week of December 8, 1961
I’ve Got A Secret
NBC - Huntley-Brinkley Report, Everglades, National Velvet, Price is Right, 87 th
Precinct, Thriller
ABC - Cheyenne Show, the Rifleman, Bing Crosby Show, Ben Casey
Window on Main Street - Cameron tries to unravel the double life of the daughter
of a millionaire who insists on working in a mechanic’s shop. Stars Robert Young,
Constance Moore and Ford Rainey.
The Rifleman - A veteran gunfighter returns to North Folk seeking vengeance
after being rode out of town on a rail. Stars Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford.
Guest cast - Peter Whitney, Whit Bissell, Bill Hughest.
87 th Precinct - Detectives stake out a wedding after the bride and groom
received threatening letters. Stars Robert Lansing, Norman Fell, Gregory
Special - Bing Crosby Show With comedians Terry Thomas and Dave King,
singers Shirley Bassey and Marion Ryan and the Wanderers.
Andy Griffith - Barney sets out to teach Andy the art of sophistication when both
are invited to an exclusive men’s club.
Thriller - A young couple inherits an estate under
the condition that they check the burial vault daily.
Boris Karloff hosts. Guest cast - John Newland,
Antionette Bower, Philip Bourneut, Reggie Nalder,
Tom Hennessey, Terence de Marney
Ben Casey - Ben tries to allay the bitterness of a
woman who loses her baby through an illness.
Stars Vince Edwards . Guest cast - Joan Hackett,
Donald Woods, Lynn Bari
Jack Paar (Tonight Show) - guests Jack Haskell,
Anita Gillette, Les Paul and Mary Ford, John
Chancellor and Pat Harrington Jr.
Friday Night Television -
CBS - Rawhide, Route 66, Father of the Bride, Westinghouse Presents
NBC - International Showtime, The Detectives, Bell Telephone Hour, Here and
Now, Jack Paar

Week of December 8, 1961
ABC - Straightaway, The Hathaways, The Flintstones, 77 Sunset Strip, Target:
The Corruptors
The Detectives - A celebrated nightclub performer threatens suicide to escape
the memory of her own murder trial. Stars Robert Taylor as Capt. Matt Holbrook.
Also stars Tige Andrews as Detective Russo, Mark Goddard as Detective Ballard
and Adam West as Detective Nelson.
The Flintstones - Fred buys tickets to a Bedrock society event from his boss, Joe
77 Sunset Strip - After an ominous phone call to his office, Stu Bailey finds
himself mysteriously spirited away to a strange ghost town where a voice out of
nowhere assures him he is marked for death in a most macabre fashion. Efrem
Zimbalist Jr. is the solo star in this episode.
On the charts -
BIG BAD JOHN - Jimmy Dean
PLEASE MR. POSTMAN - Marvelettes
MOON RIVER - Henry Mancini & Orch
WALK ON BY - Leroy Van Dyke
RUN TO HIM - Bobby Vee
TONIGHT - Ferrante & Teicher
THE TWIST - Chubby Checker
I DON’T KNOW WHY - Linda Scott
FOOL #1 - Brenda Lee
CRAZY - Patsy Cline
PEPPERMINT TWIST (pt. 1) - Joey Dee & Starliters
TONIGHT - Jay & Americans
I UNDERSTAND (Just How You Feel) - G-Clefs
’TIL - Angels
SEPTEMBER IN THE RAIN - Dinah Washington

Week of December 8, 1961
MOON RIVER - Jerry Butler
GYPSY WOMAN - Impressions
JUST OUT OF REACH (Of My Two Open Arms) - Solomon Burke
THE FLY - Chubby Checker
LANGUAGE OF LOVE - John D. Loudermilk
UP A LAZY RIVER - Si Zentner
THERE’S NO OTHER (Like My Baby) - Crystals
Your Heart) - Connie Francis
WELL, I TOLD YOU - Chantels
THIS TIME - Troy Shondell
I WANNA THANK YOU - Bobby Rydell
SMILE - Timi Yuro
REVENGE - Brook Benton
At the movies -
Babes In Toyland - Ray Bolger, Tommy Sands, Annette Funicello, Ed Wynn,
Tommy Kirk, Kevin Corcoran, Henry Calvin, Gene Sheldon
El Cid - Samuel Bronston, Charlton Heston, Shophia Loren, Raf Vallone,
Genevieve Page, John Fraser, Gary Raymond, Hurd Hatfield, Massimo Serato,
Herbert Lom
No Love For Johnnie - Stanley Holloway, Mary Peach, Donald Pleasence, Billie
Breakfast At Tiffan y’s - Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard
The Five Day Lover - Jean Seberg, Jean-Pierre Cassel
One, Two, Three - James Cagney, Horst Buchholz, Pamela Tiffin, Arlene
Splendor In The Grass - Natalie Wood, Warren Beatty, Pat Hingle, Audrey
Pit and the Pendulum - Vincent Price
Portrait of a Sinner - William Bendix

Week of December 8, 1961
Sink the Bismark
Town Without Pity - Kirk Douglas
Bridge to The Sun - Carroll Baker, James Shigeta
Flower Drum Song - Nancy Kwan, James Shigeta, Miyoshi Umek
Romanoff and Juliett - Peter Ustinov, Sandra Dee, John Gavin
Invasion Quartet - Bill Travers, Spike Mulligan, Gregoire Aslan
Summer and Smoke - Laurence Harvey, Geraldine Page
The Innocents - Deborah Kerr
The Children’s Hour - Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, James Garner
Mysterious Island - Michael Craig, Joan Greenwood, Michael Callan, Gary
Merrill, Beth Rogan
A Night In A Harem - Vincent Price,
Sally Forest, Dale Robertson
The Continental Twist - Louis
Prima, June Wilkinson
The Wonders of Aladdin - Donald
O’Connor, Noelle Adam, Vittorio De