Week of April 8, 1974
President Nixon returns from a sudden summit in Paris and aids say they are
optimistic about the upcoming Moscow summit.
Prime Minister Golda Meir stuns the nation by
announcing she will resign, a move she was quoted
as saying is “irrevocable.”
The House Judiciary Committee issues a subpoena
for President Nixon to produce tapes and other
records of 42 presidential conversations for it s
impeachment inquiry.
The Mona Lisa flies to Japan for exhibition.
In Dallas - 8-year-old Carrie Crossman’s right to be
a cub scout is being asserted by her mother and the
Dallas branch of the American Civil Liberties Union
and the Women’s equity Action League.
Skydiver survives - Jeff Wetzell of Rock Falls, Ill falls 7,200 feet into a muddy
field and survives after his chute failed more than halfway down. It finally opened
- some 400 feet above ground. He broke both ankles and suffered a broken
vertebra after he landed in a wet, newly plowed field.
Federal marshals move to evict radio
evangelist Curtis Howe Springer from federal
land on which he built his Zzyzx Mineral Springs
near Baker, CA (off I-15 on the way to Las
Vegas). It climaxed after years of litigation over
his right to occupy and develop the federal
property on the basis of mining claims he
obtained in 1944. The government says he did
everything but mine. The land contains a 60-
room hotel, food processing plant, lake, church
and radio studio. Springer is heard on some 300 radio stations, where his
religious programs also hawk his health foods produced at Zyyzx. He says he’ll
reside in Las Vegas.

Week of April 8, 1974
Science - A report says the first indirect evidence supporting the theory that the
strength of gravity on earth and throughout the universe is slowly weakening.
Sports - Owner Ray Kroc of the San
Diego Padres, apparently frustrated by
his team’s poor play, uses the public
address system at San Diego Stadium to
assail the Padres for “stupid baseball” in
their game again the Houston Astros.
Baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn and
National League president Charles
Feeney urged Kroc to apologize to his
players for the public scalding.
Hank Aaron tops home run king Babe Ruth with his 715 th
home run in Atlanta. The Braves won 7-4 in a game against
the Dodgers. “It is a happy moment and I’m glad it’s over
with. I feel I can relax now and that my teammates can relax
and that I can go on to have a great year, a year
comparable to my last one,” said Aaron. He did so on the
first swing of the game.
Playing in Las Vegas -
Petula Clark - Caesars Palace
Bobby Gentry - Desert Inn
Robert Goulet/Foster Brooks - Frontier
Shecky Green - MGM Grand (Jackson’s debut mid-week)
Tony Bennett - Hilton
Englebert Humperdinck - Riviera
Jim Nabors/Charo - Sahara
Wayne Newton - Sands
Tony Martin/CydCarisse - Thunderbird
The Jackson 5 makes their Las Vegas debut this
week. The act is now expanded to six with the addition
of 11-year-old Randy.
Television news - CBS-TV program director Fred
Silverman announces that the top-rated Sonny and
Cher Comedy Hour has been canceled. It was
reported that ever since Sonny Bono (39) and his wife

Week of April 8, 1974
Cher announced the end of their 9 ½ year marriage last February, there have
been negotiations between their representatives and CBS to keep the show on
the air.
Monday night television -
CBS - Gunsmoke, Here’s Lucy, New Dick Van Dyke Show, Special-Women of
the Year, Late movie.
NBC - Baseball, Tonight Show
ABC - The Rookies, Movie
PBS - Much Ado About Nothing
ABC Movie “Once Upon A Time in the West”
(1969) with Henry Fonda , Claudia Cardinale,
Jason Robards, Charles Bronson. 3 ½ hours.
Women of the year - honors eight women of
achievement: Barbara Walters, Katherine
Hepburn, Bill Jean King, Martha Griffiths,
Patricia Roberts Harris, Dr. Dixy Lee Ray,
Dorothy Height and Barbara McDonald
Music news - Frank Sinatra begins a 13-concert tour of eight cities at Carnegie
Hall. It was his first personal appearance in New York City since 1957.
At the movies -
The Conversation - Gene
The Great Gatsby - Robert
Redford, Mia Farrow
Serpico - Al Pacino
The Three Musketeers - Oliver
Reed Raquel
Conrack - Jon Voight
The Exoricist - Ellen Burstyn,
Max Von Sydow
Blazing Saddles - Cleavon Little
Sleeper - Woody Allen
Cops & Robbers
Sugerland Express - Goldie
American Graffiti